You’re Probably Not Washing Your Doona Enough

You’re Probably Not Washing Your Doona Enough
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We all know now that you should aim to wash your sheets at least once a week, but how about your humble doona? While we all might roll around on our fitted sheets and drool all over our pillowcases, it’s your doona that secretly absorbs most of the sweat and bacteria you shed throughout the night.

If you didn’t know, we can’t really blame you. After all, you probably eyeball how big and plushy your doona is and wonder how on earth you’re going to wash the damn thing. It’s too big for your laundry machine, let alone the sink. And imagine scrubbing at all those stains — doonas should just be universally black to hide the sorry sight. Even thinking about taking it for a dry clean has our bank accounts weeping.

Alas, it’s a chore that must be done. If you want to avoid attracting dust mites or triggering sensitive skin conditions, it’s time you started washing your doona more often.

We asked the experts at BedThreads to decree once and for all, how often you should really wash your doona.

So, how often should you clean your doona?

We’re willing to bet that most of you would admit to washing your doona maybe once a year.

According to BedThreads, it’s recommended that you machine wash or dry clean your doona at least once every couple of months, according to its care label. Hear that, folks? At least once every two months.

Oh, and BedThreads has some advice for those of you who prefer to sleep without a flat sheet — you should probably consider washing it more frequently.

After thinking about how much we’re likely to eat, sweat, sob or invite others into our beds, your beloved doona can only withstand so much bad bacteria and germs.

If you’re wondering how to properly wash your doona, don’t worry because we’ve got a guide for you right here. Remember to always check your care label before trying to shove the whole thing in your home washing machine or breaking out the bleach.

We’re hoping that most of you are in possession of an attractive quilt cover, and if not, then respectfully what the hell are you doing? Your quilt cover is the last line of defence between washing your doona weekly or wrapping yourself in filth. While you should be washing the doona itself every couple of months, you’ll need to wash its cover every other week along with your sheets.

Protect your doona with one of these quilt covers

In case you don’t own any doona covers, or perhaps you wouldn’t mind grabbing a new one to reinvent your bedroom, we’ve rounded up a few lovely sets for you to consider below.

BedThreads 100% Flax Linen Duvet Cover, from $140-$230

BedThreads doona cover
Image: BedThreads

Available in up to 24 different colours and patterns, this 100% French flax linen by BedThreads is your all seasons quilt cover that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Shop it here.

Wake In Cloud Botanical Quilt Cover Set, from $59.99

Botanical quilt cover set
Image: Wake In Cloud

The sweet botanical spread would be the perfect addition to any cottagecore or fairycore room aesthetic. Or perhaps, just a homey quilt cover for a plant-loving friend. This cover also comes with two pillowcases so you don’t have to buy them separately. Considering that the total bundle is worth $69.99, it feels like a cheeky little steal.

Shop this quilt cover from Amazon Australia here.

Canningvale Mustard Gingham Quilt Cover Set, from $159.99-$239.99

canningvale mustard gingham quilt
Image: Canningvale

Bring a pop of sunshine into your cold, dark room this winter with this lovely mustard gingham quilt cover set. This cover is made from a colourfast, fade-resistant fabric that won’t become coarse and scratchy with age.

You can buy this set here from eBay Australia.

Linen House Raphaela Quilt Cover Set, now $169.99 (down from $239.99)

House quilt cover set
Image: House

This hand-painted abstract print is perfect for adding some personality to any bedroom suite. Pair it with a collection of textured pillows that match its bold, bright colours to create a cosy sleep haven.

Shop it here.

Sheridan Torben Quilt Cover, now from $112-$150

Sheridan doona
Image: Sheridan

With a warm, earthy palette, seeing this doona cover makes us think of rolling sand hills and the sun. The soft, curving edges of this print were inspired by abstract rock formations and their natural surface texture.

Shop it here.

Beau & Bonnie Celestial Quilt Cover Set Black, now from $97.96-$118.96

Washing your doona regularly is the key to clearer skin
Image: Beau & Bonnie

Who doesn’t love a reversible quilt cover? This stunning sun, stars and moon doona cover features a black velvet front and cotton on its reverse side. Is anyone else experiencing some ’90s nostalgia here just a little?

Shop it here.

Before you go, don’t forget to check out our Myer coupons page if you want to save on more bedding and homewares.

Image: Adairs

There’s something about a quilted velvet doona cover that just screams luxury. And this teal colour is simply divine.

Shop it here.

Pillow Talk Elowen Quilt Cover Set, from $199.95

Cleaning your doona is the best thing you can do for your health

Image: PillowtalkLove that dreamy, bohemian aesthetic? While a white cover will certainly grant you that look, it’s always fun to add a bit of texture to any boring plain doona.

This Elowen quilt cover comes embroidered with a tufted floral design for a cohesive look. Layer it with some soft neutral throws and crocheted pillows for an elevated look.

Shop it here.

Morgan & Finch DACHSIE Flannelette Quilt Cover, from $55.99

Image: Bed Bath N Table

Who doesn’t want a bedspread decorated with adorable dachshunds? No one, that’s who. This Morgan & Finch doona cover sports a whimsical, pastel look. But the best part? This cover is made from high-quality cotton flannelette that makes it perfect for snuggling up in during chilly winter nights.

There’s even a pair of matching pyjamas if that’s your thing.

Shop it now.

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