The Best Green Laptops That Will Get the Job Done for You and the Planet

The Best Green Laptops That Will Get the Job Done for You and the Planet
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Sustainability is a priority for a lot of us these days. While it’s not always an option with everything we buy, making a greener choice can be an option when looking for a new laptop. Green laptops are a growing market with many of the big brands providing more sustainable models in their lineups each year.

When it comes to picking which green laptop is right for you, there are a couple of things to look for.

Laptops that are made from more sustainable materials – like recycled plastic or aluminium – are a step in the right direction, as are any that have the option to replace the battery or other parts when they grow old.

Here are some of the best green laptops on offer right now.

4 of the best green laptops

Lenovo ThinkPad L Series

lenovo green laptops
Best green laptops. Image: Lenovo

Lenovo’s ThinkPad computers have been pushing the sustainability angle for years now.

Some of the best are the L series of ThinkPads which are touted as the brand’s greenest business laptops. The 2-in-1 laptops are configurable for your needs, offering processors like the Intel i7 or an AMD Ryzen.

On the eco-friendly side, the laptops come in packaging that is made up of 90% recycled materials and their components are also comprised of recycled parts.

Coming out later in the year is Lenovo’s ThinkPad Z Series of laptops, which use recycled aluminium, vegan leather and 100% renewable packaging. Keep an eye out for those ones!

Pricing for the L-series ThinkPads starts at $1,331.

Acer Aspire Vero

acer aspire vero green laptops
Best green laptops. Image: Acer

Acer’s Aspire Vero is a green PC made from recycled plastic. It’s comprised of 30% post-consumer recycled plastic in the chassis, which gives it a unique speckled appearance along with 50% recycled PCR in the keycaps.

The Aspire Vero also offers simple disassembling, which makes it easy to recycle and replace parts, and it is shipped in 100% sustainable packaging.

On the software side, the VeroSense battery management app helps to reduce system performance where needed and to improve battery life with a range of Eco power-saving modes. Hardware-wise though, the Aspire Vero still packs a punch with an 11th Gen Intel Core and Windows 11 OS.

Pricing starts at $899.

Apple MacBook

The Best Green Laptops That Will Get the Job Done for You and the Planet
Best green laptops. Image: Apple

Apple is another major company that is forging the way to a greener future, which can be tracked in the company’s environmental progress reports. Apple is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030 and has already started implementing new processes in the manufacturing and shipping of its products.

One such product is the Apple MacBook. The new M1 powered MacBooks in particular have many eco-friendly qualities, mainly because the M1 chip is far more energy-efficient than its predecessors which allows you to use the laptop for longer without needing to charge it.

The 2021 MacBook Pro models are made up of 100% recycled aluminium in their enclosures and 100% recycled rare earth elements in their magnets. They are also considered energy-efficient with up to 58% less energy consumed than required for an Energy Star classification.

The 2021 MacBook Air ranks at a similar eco-friendly level with 100% recycled aluminium in the housing and 71% less energy consumed. Apple’s products are also packaged in sustainable materials.

Pricing starts at $1,499 for the MacBook Air and $1,899 for the M1 MacBook Pro.

Dell Latitude 5000

dell latitude green laptops
Best green laptops. Image: Dell

Dell’s Latitude laptops are made with recycled plastic recovered from the ocean and come packaged in 100% recyclable or renewable materials.

The Latitude 5000 series is Dell’s most sustainable laptop lineup yet, with devices that use 21% bioplastics in the lid. The overall manufacturing process is said to reduce carbon emissions equal to 38 million kilometres driven.

The 5000 series come in a range of designs including 2-in-1 devices as well as traditional laptops.

Pricing starts at $2,049

If you’re looking for other ways you can be more eco-friendly in your everyday life, here are some easy sustainability swaps to try.

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