Please Don’t Eat These Candles for Breakfast

Please Don’t Eat These Candles for Breakfast
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Forget about those crystal-infused candles that dominated TikTok For You pages and Instagram Reels just over a year ago. Now, it’s all about the cereal bowl candle. A deliciously scented candle that looks identical to a real bowl of cereal. It can even smell like one too.


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Depending on which brand you purchase your candle from, some require you to assemble your cereal, while others come with tiny pieces of cereal already melted through the wax. The tough question is, are you a milk or cereal first person?

This mouthwatering concept was started by the company Ardent Candles, featuring all kinds of cereal-inspired creations from Froot Loops to Cookie Time. The original creations smell just like a box of your favourite cereal, while most replicas possess another similar yet sweet scent.

We’re fully prepared to add this to our collection of stunning candles that look too good to burn.

Where can you find cereal bowl candles in Australia?

While we’d love to pay homage to Ardent Candles’ original product, unfortunately they don’t ship to Australia at this time.

However, you can buy one of these cereal bowl candles from Amazon Australia or an Etsy storefront. Most cereal bowl candles available are imitations of America’s crazy cereal selection, from the classic Cinnamon Toast Crunch to the much-loved Fruity Pebbles.

Here’s hoping someone creates some homegrown Aussie favourites soon, like Coco Pops or Milo cereal.

Here’s some cereal candle options you can choose from:

Froot Loops, $24

Image: Etsy/WicklyCandle

Froot Loops are hands-down the best cereal on the block. They’re basically the forbidden fruit of the cereal aisle, even though parents rave that “they’re full of too much sugar”. Yes, dear parent, they are and that’s exactly why we want them.

As an adult, you’ve likely reached the phase of your life where you repeat that to yourself while in the cereal aisle. It’s almost the same as telling your stomach, “No, we can’t buy takeaway. We have food at home,” when you drive past McDonald’s on your commute back from work.

Instead, get your sugar hit by filling your house with the alluring glow of cereal on fire.

Shop it now.

Fruity Pebbles, from $39.92

Image: Etsy/gilliescandles

If you’ve never had the glory that is Fruity Pebbles, they’re made from the same crispy rice puffs as Coco Pops but fruit-flavoured.

If you’d prefer a more traditional-looking candle, this Etsy store can certainly do that. However, it’s not as fun as lighting the one in the cereal bowl and having guests curiously peer at the burning Fruity Pebbles sitting on your kitchen counter.

You can grab one from Etsy Australia here.

Lucky Charms, $139.05

Lucky Charms cereal bowl candle

This cereal-scented candle smells just like the real thing. Look at the detail in those frosted oats and those colourful marshmallows. Look. At. Them.

This candle is hand-poured from a mix of vegetable wax and beeswax. It even comes with a metal spoon embedded through the middle, so anyone could mistake it for the real thing. This brand lets you assemble the candle yourself, by adding as many Lucky Charms pieces as you like at a time.

Shop it here.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch with marshmallows, $58.04

Cinnamon crunch cereal

This spicy cinnamon-scented cereal candle looks just like an elevated Cinnamon Toast Crunch experience.

If you’re like most of the population who prefer to add cereal first before milk, you’ll find that you need to assemble this candle like a barbarian. Go crazy, let your hair down.

Shop this spicy-scented cereal candle here from Amazon Australia.

Chocolate Loops, $24

Image: WicklyCandle

Is this one meant to be chocolate-flavoured Froot Loops or is it Cheerios?

We’re not sure, but it looks delicious and we’d absolutely smash a bowl of that in real life.

The deceiving part is that while you can choose to make it chocolate-scented, you can also make it a refreshing Bahama Breeze or a delightful English Pear & Freesia. What a bamboozle.

Shop it now.

Not a cereal killer? Try these options instead

Acai yogurt

If you’ve never been much of a cereal person, there’s plenty of other fun, food-related candles you can pick up instead.

Our favourite is this acai smoothie bowl, that is not only pretty to look at, but requires assembly so you can decorate it just like you would a real one. It comes with fake, wax goji berries, raspberries and blueberries as well as some black chia seeds and coconut flakes. It even smells like real fruit. You can shop it here for $54.28.

For those on a health kick, you can grab this yogurt bowl version, complete with slices of banana, granola, blueberries and more coconut flakes. This candle is handmade from an eco-friendly soy wax blend and locally poured in Australia. Our favourite part is that it’s available in nine different scents, from Berry Delightful to lime, basil and mandarin. Grab yours here for $24.

If you’ve got more of a sweet tooth, this Skittles lookalike candle is a fun, sugar-scented option. Watch your unsuspecting guests reach for that innocent bowl of lollies before they realise they’re trying to gnaw on a piece of wax. Let’s hope they notice the wicks before they put it in their mouth. Pick up one here for $54.10.

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