Ready for an Existential Crisis? Black Mirror Season 6 Is Happening

Ready for an Existential Crisis? Black Mirror Season 6 Is Happening
Image: Netflix

There’s no doubt that technology is terrifying, but nothing has made that clearer (or more entertaining) than Netflix’s Black Mirror. The anthology series has been off our screens for far too long now, however, the good news is that a new existential crisis is on the way in the form of Black Mirror season 6.

What’s Black Mirror all about?

If you’ve somehow missed Black Mirror, the series is a dark anthology exploring a dystopian future where different people grapple with the impact of new and emerging technologies.

Many of the episodes have dark twists which may leave you wondering whether the dystopian future shown in Black Mirror may soon be our present. Just me? Ok then.

The episodes have featured an array of Hollywood stars with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Jon Hamm, Hayley Atwell, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jesse Plemons all appearing.

Black Mirror season 6: What do we know?

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Image: Netflix

There’s not much to know right now except that a sixth season of Black Mirror has been confirmed and is heading to Netflix.

According to Variety’s sources, season 6 of Black Mirror will have more episodes than season 5. Considering season 5 consisted of only 3 episodes, that hopefully means we could be back to the 6 episode seasons.

The outlet also reported that season 6 will apparently be “more cinematic in scope” and each instalment will be treated as an individual film.

There’s no release window as yet but casting for season 6 is apparently underway.

Why has it taken so long for another season?

It’s been three years since the last season of Black Mirror so for a while there it did seem like the series’ future was in doubt.

Variety lifted the curtain on the reasoning saying it was in large part due to creators Charlie Booker and Annabel Jones exiting their production company (Endemol Shine Group) in 2020. The duo established a new company, which Netflix quickly backed, however, the rights to Black Mirror remained with the previous studio.

Long story short, after the old company was acquired by Banijay Group in 2020 the new executives were able to reach a deal with Netflix that would allow a new season of Black Mirror to go ahead on the streamer with Brooker and Jones behind the wheel.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long of a wait until more Black Mirror is on our screens, but in the meantime, you can catch up on all the previous episodes on Netflix.

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