5 Blowout Brushes That Get the Job Done Without Breaking the Bank

5 Blowout Brushes That Get the Job Done Without Breaking the Bank
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It only takes a mere five minutes of browsing the web to become well-acquainted with the latest and greatest of the hair tool world — and by latest and greatest, of course, I’m talking about the Dyson Airwrap that’s been plastered all over Instagram and TikTok 1.7 billion times. The blowout brush — otherwise known as the genius two-in-one hairdryer and styler that uses the brand’s signature air-powered technology to volumise, curl, straighten or wave your hair with significantly less heat (and therefore damage) — is a massive win for my fellow dry-haired pals out there. But, there’s one catch, the $799 price tag.


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In honour of not having that much disposable cashola to blow on a single hair tool, I thought I’d take one for the team and do a deep dive into the best blowout brushes on the market for less than $250. While Dyson’s made a name for itself based on being one of a kind — meaning these dupes won’t be exact replicas — they still do a damn good job at giving you an at-home blow wave for significantly less coin. Thank me later.

The best blowout brush options under $250

GHD Rise Volumising Hot Brush, $210

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Developed with GHD’s well-trusted advanced ultra-zone technology for a consistent heat distribution of 185 degrees, this bad boy will let you perform a bunch of different styling options from curls to flicked ends — and with some hair spray, they’re bound to last all day. The GHD styler also boasts smooth .5cm nylon bristles that allow the brush to have the closest contact with your roots for maximum lift and smooth gliding through your locks. Keep in mind, though, that this hot brush is designed for use on dry hair only for best results.

Whether you’re after big bouncy Hollywood curls or those low-effort dishevelled beachy waves, this multi-head Air Styler has you covered. Like a few of the other options, it also offers an anti-static protection coating that enhances shine and prevents frizz from making a scene mid-night-out. The professional styler also has three heat and speed settings for maximum control and a cool shot to give your locks real staying power for all-day (or night) wear.

Where to buy: Amazon ($210)

Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser, $159

5 Blowout Brushes That Get the Job Done Without Breaking the Bank

Best for short to mid-length hair, this epic hairdryer and brush combo utilises advanced ionic technology to give you salon-style, shiny, healthy-looking hair. It’s also fitted with ceramic technology, which provides an even heat distribution, reducing the amount of damage on your locks. Two ticks in our books! The only downside is that it doesn’t come with interchangeable brush head options.

Where to buy: Amazon ($159)

The best blowout brush options under $100

Philips ProCare Airstyler Hair Dryer/Hair Styler with 5 Styling Attachments, $99.95

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This well-respected Philips Airstyler doesn’t share the same one-brush head feature as the Revlon one. Instead, it boasts five different styling attachments: a 38mm thermo brush, a retractable bristle brush, a narrow concentrator, a volumiser, and a paddle straightening brush. This baby is suitable for any hair type and style you wish to create. Its ionic conditioning technology also enables anti-static drying, so all you frizz-prone folks won’t have to worry about your hair turning into a poof within four minutes of stepping outside.

Where to buy: Amazon ($99.95)

ZHAM One Step Hair Dryer & Volumising Styler Comb, $39.99

5 Blowout Brushes That Get the Job Done Without Breaking the Bank

Ditch the stacks of round hair brushes you’ve got stored in your bathroom and that old hairdryer your mum handed down to you circa 2009, and replace them with one of these two-in-one Hair Dryer and Styling Comb duos. It works similarly to the Dyson in that it distributes air quickly and evenly to your locks to help dry and style them faster (and with less heat damage). The only downside is that it doesn’t come with the option of multiple brush heads — but rest assured, the existing one still does a fabulous job at creating a salon-styled finish with less frizz and an optimal healthy shine.

Where to buy: Amazon ($39.99)

Bondi Boost Blowout Brush Pro, $99.99

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I don’t think this brush needs an introduction. The iconic Bondi Boost Brush Pro (that you’ve probably also seen plastered all over the internet) has been making the rounds for its powerful 1200 watts of drying power and 360-degree airflow vents that offer maximum coverage and faster drying. Its large brush head is also super versatile and easy to use on short or long hair, wet or dry — in a nutshell, it’s your secret weapon to the perfect salon blow-dry from the comfort of your bathroom.

Where to buy: Bondi Boost ($99.99)

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