This Automatic Pot Stirrer Is the Secret to Thickening up Sauces minus the Arm Workout

This Automatic Pot Stirrer Is the Secret to Thickening up Sauces minus the Arm Workout
Image: Uutensil/iStock/ahirao_photo
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I’m the type of person who isn’t big on cooking and thus, I love a shortcut. I’m someone who benefits from slow cookers, vegetable slicers, onion choppers and my latest obsession, an automatic pot stirrer.

If you’ve ever tried to cook gravy yourself (because those microwaveable satchets are an abomination upon this earth), you’ll know that it’s a task that requires your entire focus. With most tasks in the kitchen, there’s usually a lot of room for multi-tasking — e.g. boiling potatoes for 30 minutes allows you plenty of time to slice up some chicken or chop up some broccoli. But when it comes to gravy you have to stand in front of the stove and stir, and stir, and stir.

If you’re like me who quickly loses interest stirring the pot, or starts to suffer cramping in your arm, you’ll find that your gravy will start sticking to the bottom of the saucepan the second you walk away, so you end up with formidable little clumps that feel impossible to dissolve.

Enter: the automatic pot stirrer. This nifty device is the solution to all your gravy woes (or saucy ones for that matter).

What is an automatic pot stirrer?

Automatic pan stirrer

An automatic pot stirrer is an electric whisk-like contraption that can mix any soupy substances in your pan hands-free. Most offer three distinct mixing speeds and are both cordless, as well as battery-operated. This automatic stirrer is able to move itself around your pot in a back and forth motion, which will prevent sauce sticking from the bottom of the pan.

Instead of spending half an hour stirring with your wooden spoon or whisk, simply pop this automatic pot stirrer into your sauce pan, activate it with its push button and let her rip.

Just keep in mind this gadget isn’t designed for mixing thicker substances such as cake batter or cookie dough. It’s meant for anything with a much thinner consistency, such as gravy or sauces, and even your stovetop morning porridge.

The best thing is that clean-up is super simple since you just need to rinse it under a tap once you’ve finished cooking or toss it in the dishwasher. Take care to only wet the legs and disassemble the automatic pan stirrer before throwing it into your dishwasher.

Watch it in action below:


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Where to buy one in Australia

This Automatic Pot Stirrer Is the Secret to Thickening up Sauces minus the Arm Workout

Fully sold on this must-have kitchen device? You can grab yourself an automatic pot stirrer from Amazon Australia here for $70. While this one does come in teal, there are a few other colour options available including red, green and black but at slightly varying price points.

If you’d prefer something a bit cheaper, you can try this stainless steel automatic egg whisk for $28.99. It comes in a set of three different colours and sizes, but instead needs to be pushed down into the pan in order to stir. It’s a cheap option if you don’t own an electric hand mixer and you want to whip some eggs for a lemon meringue pie, or try those fluffy pancakes everyone’s obsessed with on TikTok.

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