Art Is the Key to Elevating Any Room, Here’s Where You Can Find Affordable Pieces

Art Is the Key to Elevating Any Room, Here’s Where You Can Find Affordable Pieces
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We don’t know about you, but there’s something about wall art prints that completely change the game when it comes to styling any room (be it the bedroom, living room or even laundry). They don’t have to be anything super fancy or expensive by any means, but a singular print (or three) is the easiest way to give your place some added character — especially if the space is looking a little bland and you don’t know how to fix it.

The best part? You can find a bunch of really cool art prints online from places like Amazon and Etsy. They come in a range of different styles, including photographic, contemporary, modern, traditional, dot paintings, line drawings — the list goes on. The opportunities are endless and affordable.

This is excellent news if you’re a renter, too. Why? Most of these wall art prints allow you to easily swap them out when you get sick of them and don’t require much effort to install.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the prints that caught our eye for various reasons and have us hitting that good ol’ add to cart button.

Haus and Hues Boho Prints Neutral Wall Art, $34.28

wall art prints

These earthy-toned boho style prints are a quick and easy way to brighten up white walls. You can hang them as a set of six or break them up and have multiple hanging around your home.

You can buy the Haus and Hues Boho Prints Neutral Wall Art ($34.28) from Amazon here.

Ocean Photography Prints Modern Wall, $44.78

If your home aesthetic is very much beachy/coastal vibes, you can literally never go wrong with a nice picture of an ocean. Be careful, though, it’ll give you the illusion of being on a summer vacation at all times.

You can buy the Ocean Photography Prints Modern Wall ($44.78) from Amazon here.

VLOLIFE Boho Trendy Poster Print, $37.90

This understated but eye-capturing print is the perfect addition to a minimalist home needing a subtle pop of colour. It pairs great with neutral beige furniture and natural timbers as well.

You can buy the VLOLIFE Boho Trendy Poster Print Art ($37.90) from Amazon here.

Tennis Poster Canvas Painting, $24.46

Suppose you prefer something a little more classic, like photography, then this beautiful print offers an edgy centre-point for any room. The bonus of it being black and white means that it pairs well with any room’s colour scheme, too. Win-win!

You can buy the Tennis Poster Canvas Painting ($24.46) from Amazon here. 

Watercolor Abstract Art Print, $46.27

After something a little more abstract? Why not get yourself this set of two gradient watercolour prints? You can hang them as a set in your home or break them up to add a little colour to more than one room.

You can buy the Watercolor Abstract Art Print ($46.27) from Amazon here.

Haus and Hues Matisse Poster and Abstract Art Prints, $33.89

wall art prints

This simple Matisse poster is an easy way to add a touch of elegance to any wall in the house. It also makes for a super affordable and chic gift for friends and loved ones.

You can buy the Haus and Hues Matisse Poster and Abstract Art Prints ($33.89) from Amazon here.

Modern Abstract Golden Annual Ring Wall Art Painting, $54.99

This golden marble detailing on this baby screams luxe and lavish, so if that’s the aesthetic you want to achieve in your home or you’re just looking to add a bold statement to one of your rooms, then this is how to do it.

You can buy the Modern Abstract Golden Annual Ring Wall Art Painting ($54.99) from Amazon here. 

2 My Country Authentic Aboriginal Art Prints, $80

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Created by Luritja artist Kayannie (pronounced Kai-arnie) Denigan, this beautiful set of two was inspired by a recent trip to Central Australia. The artist fell in love with all the shapes, colours and landscapes.

You can buy the 2 My Country Authentic Aboriginal Art Prints ($80) from Etsy here.

Australian Banksia in a Victoria Bitter Beer Can, $44.74

wall art prints

Looking for something a little more unique? This print of an Australian Banksia in a Victoria Bitter beer can is it. This hand-drawn illustration is a fun take on Aussie culture and would be a bloody ripper addition to any room in the house.

You can buy the Australian Banksia in a Victoria Bitter Beer Can ($44.74) from Etsy here.

BunyaDesign Indigenous Female Journey, $60.50

wall art print

Created by the very talented Mayi women from North Western Queensland, BunyaDesigns, these artworks were inspired by the journies of black Indigenous women. “The pink represents the feminine side of females. The mountains are the symbols that represent the mountains we must cross as women in this world. The waterholes and the paths we take are our resting stops along our path. Each large circle are our moments in life that define us as strong women. Women are strong and powerful and should not be placed in a box of all the same societal norms.”

You can buy BunyaDesign Indigenous Female Journey ($60.50) from Etsy here.

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