Sheet Pan Pancakes Will Give You a Week’s Worth of Breakfasts in One Go

Sheet Pan Pancakes Will Give You a Week’s Worth of Breakfasts in One Go

Batch-cooking dinner is an easy option for busy people these days, but have you considered batch-cooking breakfast? Sheet pan meals are the perfect solution for those trying to prep food for the week and this recipe for sheet pan pancakes is the sweet breakfast solution.

Alternatively, if you’re cooking for a crowd, the sheet pan version is a dream come true because it’s all done in one go, rather than standing over a stove flipping individual pancakes.

Sheet pan pancakes are just one of the many cooking trends TikTok has blessed us with, which means there are plenty of delicious recipes doing the rounds. Here are a few hot tips.

How to make sheet pan pancakes

The concept of these pancakes is pretty similar to any other sheet pan recipe. Here’s one example from @themhoffers.


Easy breakfast that can cook while you get kids ready and yourself ready! #breakfastforkids #breakfastisdone #kidsbreakfast #sheetpanpancakes

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As you can see in the video, you’ll need a sheet pan, which you can grease with oil, butter or line with baking paper.

Then you need to whip up your pancake mix of choice. This can be the pre-mix stuff in a bottle or pick your favourite homemade pancake batter recipe. (There’s a vegan option as well!)

Once mixed, pour it into your sheet pan so it becomes a nice smooth layer of batter.

Next you get to choose your toppings. Literally, anything you’d pair with pancakes normally can be used here. Add some chopped fruit like blueberries, raspberries or banana, or maybe you want to add some nuts for a bit of crunch.

For a sweeter option, you can include chocolate chips, Nutella or even cinnamon. Just search the hashtag ‘sheet pan pancakes’ if you need more ideas.

Now it’s time for baking. According to the TikTok video above you should heat your oven to about 190°C and cook your pancakes for about 20 minutes, or until nice and golden on top.

Assuming you’ve lined your pan correctly, the pancake should lift out easily and you can cut it up into squares for serving. You can prepare breakfast for the entire week by keeping sheet pan pancakes squares in the fridge in air-tight containers. Who needs plain old toast or cereal?

If you’re seeking other breakfast inspirations check out our top five air fryer breakfast recipes and for more sheet pan recipes, read on here.


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