This Melbourne Hotel is Encouraging Guests To Steal Everything In The Room

This Melbourne Hotel is Encouraging Guests To Steal Everything In The Room

Admit it, we’ve all taken a few things from a hotel room from time to time. The little toiletry bottles and pillow chocolates are fair game, but knicking that hotel robe or anything from the mini-fridge is likely to leave you with an alarming bill. If it’s always been your dream to stay in a hotel and claim everything as your own then you’re going to want to check out the Prince Hotel.

The Prince Hotel, located in St Kilda in Melbourne, is offering an incredible steal of a package over April and May.

The hotel is partnering with a bunch of local brands like Grown Alchemist and Cultiver Linen to provide a bunch of goodies in your hotel room that you are encouraged to steal.

Yep, everything from the bed linens to the minibar is yours to take home with you from your stay.

Why would they do this, you ask? Well, hotel manager Ben Chan said it was time guests actually steal something from their hotel rooms that are worth their efforts.

“We have seen some guests go to extraordinary lengths to smuggle items out of their hotel room, so we decided to expose this guilty pleasure and let guests steal items that are truly worth it,” Chan said in a statement.

the prince hotel steal the suite
Image: The Prince Hotel (Supplied)

To break it all down for you, Steal The Suite rooms at the Prince Hotel are available for $999 a night. Guests can walk home with up to $2,000 worth of product.

This includes:

If you’re looking to fulfil your thieving desires you can book a Steal the Suite room at the Prince Hotel online until May 31.

With borders open again and the Easter long weekend coming up there’s no better time to indulge in a little local luxury. If you need some other ideas for Easter travel spots, we’ve got you covered.


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