5 Tips to Get You Started in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

5 Tips to Get You Started in Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Contributor: Ruby Innes

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a sweet little package of fun and excitement and was clearly made for everybody to enjoy.

In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, you play Kirby (of course). In a new and foreign land to the round little guy, you must rescue the Waddle Dees scattered across the map by defeating the big and small baddies and rebuild Waddle Dee Town from the ground up. As you rebuild Waddle Dee Town, you’ll be able to buy all kinds of things to aid you in your adventure, as well as play fun little mini-games.

The game is very much a platformer built to get people comfortable with the format, while also being filled with classic Kirby goodness. Players familiar with the series are introduced to all-new mechanics added to the Kirby series, such as Mouthful Mode and upgraded abilities, and new players of the Kirby series get to have a new and jam-packed experience. What more could you want?

If you’re going into Kirby and the Forgotten Land as somebody that’s never played a Kirby game before, there’s not much you really need to know about it prior. However, I’ve got a few tips and reminders for you to take on before you play the game for yourself.

Kirby Present Codes, a gift to you


Once you’ve saved 50 Waddle Dees in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, a new building will appear in Waddle Dee Town called Waddle Dee-liveries. At this site, you are able to input ‘Present Codes’ in order to receive gifts like Star Coins and Rare Stones, which you use in-game to buy various things and upgrade your abilities.

The Waddle Dee at the stall will give you a Present Code to get you started, and from there you can input codes that you find around town, online, and in the demo. While you can play the game in any way you like, there might be some of you that haven’t played the demo or haven’t been following online updates from Nintendo. Considering that, here are some of the Present Codes currently available to get you started.

(NOTE: All Present Codes are case-sensitive, and must be typed in all-caps to work).

  • MOUTHFULMODE – Reward: 100x Star Coin, Car-Mouth Cake (Expires 25th April, 2022)
  • KIRBYNEWSDESK – Reward: 150x Star Coin, Energy Drink (Expires 25th April, 2022)
  • KIRBYMICROSITE – Reward: 150x Star Coin, Attack Boost (Expires 10th June, 2022)
  • KIRBYGAMESTOPCAN – Reward: 150x Star Coin, Maxim Tomato
  • KIRBYADVENTURECALI – Reward: 300x Star Coin, 4x Food Item
  • GAMENEWS – Reward: Rare Stone
  • ADVENTUREGUIDE – Reward: Rare Stone
  • BRAWLINGCOLOSSEUM – Reward: 500x Star Coin, Attack Boost
  • CLEARDEMO – Reward: 300x Star Coin
  • KIRBYSTORY – Reward: 300x Star Coin
  • KIRBYTHEGOURMET – Reward: Rare Stone, Car-Mouth Cake
  • NEWADVENTURE – Reward: 300x Star Coin, Rare Stone
  • THANKYOUMETAKNIGHT – Reward: 3x Rare Stone
  • THANKYOUKIRBY – 1000x Star Coin, Rare Stone

If you’d prefer to find them yourself or simply amass Star Coins and Rare Stones through gameplay, feel free to! This is just another way to get you started.

Boost items can go a long way in Kirby and the Forgotten Land


Once you’ve saved 145 Waddle Dees in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, the item shop will open in the upper area of Waddle Dee Town. The item shop sells Life Up, Attack Boost, and Speed Boost.

Life Up will double your health bar, and can only be used once. Attack Boost and Speed Boost will raise your attack and speed respectively but, unlike Life Up, can be stacked up to five times. The latter two items last 200 seconds, with stacking meaning that you can have up to 999 seconds of an attack or speed boost. You can also have all three running concurrently, making your health bar chunky, your speed speedy, and your attack… attacky.

While some would rather hit the game raw, don’t be afraid to use these boosts if you need them. Some enemies (especially bosses) can be a real pain in the tushy, so it’s alright to have a little boost to keep you going.

Don’t worry about beating everything all at once

kirby and the forgotten lands

While playing the game, you might want to take your time to save every single Waddle Dee or complete every single Treasure Road level. This is a noble feat, and you can literally do whatever you want. I’m not stopping you.

On the other hand, don’t sweat it too much if you miss out on a Waddle Dee or two in the first run. When you beat a level but miss a Waddle Dee, it’ll give away how to access said missed Waddle Dee, which means you can always go back and find the sucker. Also, the sheer amount of Waddle Dees you collect in your travels means that once you’re at endgame, you’ll probably collect enough to completely rebuild Waddle Dee Town.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is incredibly forgiving, and doesn’t scold you for not getting to everything in the first go. Not only can you replay levels as many times as you want, but you can also go back to all those previous levels after you beat the main story. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it!

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!

Kirby and the forgotten land Waddle-Dee-Weapon-Shop

The ability upgrade system is very cool. That being said, I highly recommend upgrading each ability as you find their blueprints. If you miss out on any blueprints, never fear! The Wise Waddle Dee in the town square (or circle) will tell you where they are if you ask.

The upgraded abilities are so much fun to use, and some of them are incredibly strong. Not only that, but some upgrades are required for Treasure Road levels, so get amongst it! Considering you’ll very easily collect Star Coins and Rare Stones on your travels, paying for these upgrades shouldn’t be too difficult. However, if you haven’t got enough, the Present Codes can really help out here, and a quick and easy way to get lots of Star Coins is competing in the Colosseum.

Playing Kirby alone is great, but playing with a friend is glorious

kirby and the forgotten lands

Kirby and the Forgotten Land allows for you to play either alone or in co-op mode, with its co-op mode being accessible at any point in the game. While you play as Kirby, the friend that joins you will play as Bandana Waddle Dee. The co-op mode of the game is heaps of fun if you’re wanting to play with a buddy, and really rings true what Kirby is all about: friendship.

A neat little thing is that as you upgrade your abilities, Bandana Waddle Dee also grows stronger, so your friend needn’t worry about falling behind. Playing games is entertaining, but playing games with friends can add a whole new level of enjoyment.

That’s all I’ve got for you in terms of tips, tricks, and advice for Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It’s a game that I recommend anybody give a go, as it’s very accessible and enjoyable for novices and veterans of the series alike. Sit down with yourself or with a friend, grab your controller, and have fun!

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