Save Some Serious Dough With 40% Off This MasterPro Pizza Oven

Save Some Serious Dough With 40% Off This MasterPro Pizza Oven
Image: MasterPro/iStock/LauriPatterson
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It’s not often we come across a soul who will turn down a slice of pizza. Whether it’s the ooey-gooey cheese, the crispy crust, or delicious toppings, there’s something addictive about pizza that makes it impossible to resist. We like to argue that there’s nothing better than a homemade pizza — think unlimited toppings, any crazy combo you want and no judgy delivery driver who makes you answer the door in your bathrobe. If all of that sounds like a cheesy dream, then you’ll want to grab yourself this MasterPro electric pizza oven.

While there’s no doubt that an electric pizza maker is a fantastic addition to any pizza-loving household, sometimes its price point can be hard justify. Most good quality ones sit well over the $100 mark, and let’s not even think about those fancy outdoor stone ovens that rich people keep in their yards.

Thankfully for you, Amazon Australia has dropped the price of this popular MasterPro pizza maker by 41%, which brings it all the way down to $99 (from a RRP of $169).

If you want to know more about how this pizza maker can benefit your Friday night dinners, then read on.

What can the MasterPro electric pizza maker do?

MasterPro electric pizza maker oven
Image: MasterPro

You might be thinking to yourself, “Well, I already have an oven, so why do I need one specifically for pizzas?” That’s a fair question, and it’s best answered by thinking about how long it can take to cook a pizza in a conventional oven. Your home oven usually takes between 10-15 minutes on average, but this electric pizza oven? Five minutes. Done.

Conventional ovens also have a tendency to burn the cheese on top. Thankfully, the MasterPro’s stainless steel lid works to broil the cheese instead to give it that even, golden brown finish. Plus, it’s ceramic baking stone will ensure a crispy base every time — and none of that soggy business no one likes.

This electric pizza oven even doubles as a sandwich toaster and can reheat anything from a zucchini slice to sausage rolls and party pies if needed. And if you don’t feel like whipping up a pizza from scratch, you can just as easily use it to reheat yesterday’s leftovers or thaw a frozen, store-bought one.

Among its many features, we love its clear cooking dials that allow you to control the temperature of the ceramic plate and set a timer with ease. It also comes with two stainless steel paddles so you can safely lift and move a hot pie to your plate. While it’s no wood-fired oven, it sure does its job well.

You can pick up your MasterPro electric pizza oven here from Amazon Australia for $99 (down from $169).

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