Easter Long Weekend 2022: How to Plan For Your Days Off

Easter Long Weekend 2022: How to Plan For Your Days Off
Easter weekend

The Easter long weekend is a bit later this year but nevertheless, it is coming up quick. It’s time to start whipping out those hot cross bun recipes, putting in your Easter egg orders and making travel plans because in just a few short weeks, the Easter holidays will be upon us.

Here are some helpful hints on how you can maximise your Easter long weekend this year.

When is the Easter long weekend?

The Easter long weekend changes each year because Easter is typically determined by the cycle of the moon.

In 2022 it’s occurring quite late and will take place from April 15 – April 18. 

The Good Friday public holiday will be on the 15th with the Easter Sunday and Easter Monday holidays occurring on the 17th and 18th respectively. School holidays also take place over this period.

For those with annual leave, you can also get a hefty chunk of time off around Easter if you plan your holidays right.

For those planning to travel domestically, airports are seeing some of their busiest periods in two years which is resulting in very long lines for check-in and security. Make sure you allow plenty of time before your flight.

What’s the Easter weather forecast?

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In terms of Easter weather forecasts in our predictions for capital cities, we’re seeing less rain than expected across the board. Perth and Darwin in particular will have some scorching warm days with most of the capitals also getting a shot at the sunshine.

Naturally, the weather does change though so we’ll keep you posted on the latest forecasts for the Easter long weekend as we get closer.

What’s open over the Easter holidays?

Because Easter has multiple public holidays you’ll find a fair few retailers shutting their doors over the four-day weekend.

The main dates that will see most stores and restaurants close are Good Friday and Easter Sunday. However, things like cinemas and fast-food restaurants will still stay open.

We’ve got a full breakdown of what’s open over Easter that we’ll be updating in the lead up to the weekend.

What Easter Eggs can you buy?

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Now the all-important question – which chocolate should you be getting?

Whether it’s gifting for others or a sneaky treat for yourself, there’s no shortage of options for delicious Easter eggs.

Sure, you can grab the classic Dairy Milk bunny off the shelf at your local supermarket, or you can really treat yourself and find an Easter dessert box or giant bunny.

Just don’t forget to recycle your foil when you’re done eating.

We have some suggestions for the best places to find Easter egg chocolate this year if you need them.

Easter recipes

jamie oliver hot cross bun
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The next most important question – what to cook? If you’re having family over for an Easter lunch or dinner you’re going to need options.

Many people will turn to seafood as an option for Good Friday so you might need some easy seafood tips if you’re going down that route.

Maybe you’re thinking of doing an international Easter celebration, in which case you should try these Easter treats from around the world. Alternatively, you could stick to making your own hot cross buns at home.

Lastly, if Easter chocolate isn’t your thing, you might want to top your weekend off with some Easter-themed cocktails.

What to do over the Easter long weekend?

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For a lot of people in NSW, the Easter long weekend is spent at the Royal Easter Show which is going ahead in 2022.

Elsewhere, you might be thinking of packing your bags and taking a trip somewhere now that borders are open again. We have some top travel tips and destinations to visit if you need them.

We’ll also keep you posted on what new entertainment options you have, like streaming and cinema new releases, as we get closer to the long weekend.

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