From Blemishes to Acne Scarring, This $15 Dermaroller Covers It All

From Blemishes to Acne Scarring, This $15 Dermaroller Covers It All
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At-home beauty treatments have never been easier (or more cost-effective). Long gone are the days where you spend days at the salon forking out cash for each and every manicure, facial, eyebrow tint, etc. And now, we no longer need a trip to the salon to enjoy our favourite skin rejuvenation treatment, dermarolling because you can simply buy your own dermaroller/facial roller.

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What is a dermaroller and how do they actually work?

A dermaroller is essentially a mini skin needling device featuring a barrel-like body attached to a handle. The barrel is lined with a bunch of mini needles that all work together to prick your skin (otherwise known as creating micro-injuries).

These small, non-invasive, controlled injuries trigger the body’s wound healing response whereby the skin releases substances that stimulate growth. New blood vessels also form in the skin, and eventually, the process will promote the production of more collagen and elastin — which we love!

We know the thought of a bunch of micro-needles going into your skin doesn’t sound exceptionally appealing, but rest assured, the experts say it actually shouldn’t hurt at all (that doesn’t mean you should expect it to feel like a relaxing facial though).

When it comes to the process. Experts recommend, that you wash your face with your regular cleanser, then exfoliate, add your favourite serum, and start your facial rolling. Repeat this a few times a week for the best results.

Are dermarollers safe?

Dermarolling isn’t very invasive as the needles are quite short, so as long as you use the right technique in conjunction with the right serum, you’re unlikely to experience any negative side effects. It’s wise to do some research on your skin type before, though, because in some cases dermarolling can cause scarring and darkening of the skin when not done properly.

According to Healthline, if you suffer from any skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or acne, you should probably avoid doing this at home, or at least consult your dermatologist or healthcare professional prior to taking the plunge. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out — check out our jade facial roller yarn for a great alternative!

Do dermarollers work on acne scars?

In saying this, if you don’t have any active acne, and you’ve just been left with the residual aka acne scarring, these babies help regenerate the skin, meaning they’re great for your blemishes. You only have to see the TikTok before and after footage to see the difference they make.



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Can you buy dermarollers in Australia?


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Microneedle Derma Roller Kit, $14.89

Yep, there are a bunch of options out there, but we love Skinstitut Skin-Inject MTS Derma Roller ($63.96), which is one of the best dermarollers in Australia as it’s a great entry point to facial rolling. Why? The needles are super short and made from surgical-grade stainless steel for the utmost quality. The Aesthetics Rx Derma Roller ($79) is another super effective option for anyone with acne scarring, texture or unbalanced skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

If you’re looking to just try your hand with something a bit cheaper to see if dermarolling is actually for you, though, Amazon is also shaving money off a bunch of beauty items including this highly-rated (4.8 star) Microneedle Derma Roller Kit, meaning it’s down to a whopping $14.89, which is 50% off its original sale price. Not only does it come with a 0.5mm facial roller, but also a 1mm and 1.5mm roller for body, scalp and beard rolling (which we’ll get to later). It also comes designed with ergonomic and slip-proof handles, so they’re safe for beginners. 

Can you dermaroll other areas?

As we touched on, you can also micro-needle other areas, including your body with a body dermaroller (which is essentially a bigger version of the facial one and the needles are a tiny bit longer). This works effectively on body scars. TikTok has also been super vocal about the benefits of using a dermaroller on your scalp or beard to promote hair growth.

As with all at-home beauty treatments, be sure to consult a professional before you take the plunge to make sure you’re doing it safely.


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