These Are the Best Coffee Machines of 2022 (So Far)

These Are the Best Coffee Machines of 2022 (So Far)
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From Delonghi to Breville and Sunbeam, we’ve rounded up the best coffee machines to help you get your daily caffeine fix.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we know there’s nothing really like a barista-made coffee in the mornings, but if you’ve just started to see how much of a toll it takes on your bank account — a $1,825 toll if you factor in a single $5 cup every day — then now is as good a time as any to invest in a homemade brew maker. And let us tell you, they’re not far off the real thing when it comes to a solid cup of joe.

Hang on. Aren’t proper coffee machines frighteningly expensive?

Look, if you wanted to go that full-on-Barista experience and buy a coffee machine the size of your kitchen bench, then… yes. The sky can literally be the limit when it comes to pricey café-style machines built for commercial use, but unless your family is very large, you probably don’t need one of those.

A more compact and more affordable machine can be yours for much less pretty easily. The $500 or more for a simple machine might still seem like a lot to pay for a coffee machine but bear in mind that if your current habit involves a coffee on the way to the office each day, even if you were only paying $2/cup, that machine would pay itself off within a year pretty easily, even taking into account the cost of consumables like water, electricity and of course coffee itself. Nobody expects a premium machine to last only a year, so before long (if your coffee habit is anything like ours) your machine will quickly be saving you money.

You also gain a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to coffee preparation, whether you favour a simple espresso shot to get you going or something substantially fancier.

Coffee consumption can be healthy if you control it and making your own is the first step on that journey.

With that in mind, here’s a selection of the best coffee machines available online at the time of writing, taking in a range of brands and coffee preparation options.

The Best Coffee Machines 2022 (so far)

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machinecoffee maker sunbeam coffee machine

The Breville coffee machine promises beans to cup in under a minute, so even if you do want a machine to get your coffee going as you fly out the door it could be a good match. Reviewers noted that it’s very easy to configure for your own personalised take on coffee, wherever your taste sits.

Where to buy: Amazon ($719.99, usually $933.90), The Good Guys ($749)

DeLonghi Magnifica S Smartdelonghi coffee machine breville coffee machine

This DeLonghi coffee machine was appreciated by users for its ease of use, especially in relation to consistently creating good cups of coffee, as well as how simple it was to keep clean.

Where to buy: eBay ($860), The Good Guys ($999)

Philips Series 2200 Classic Milk Frother Fully Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

The Philips Series 2200 Classic Espresso Machine makes silky-smooth coffee a the touch of a button. It comes with an easy-to-use milk frother, three coffee functions — espresso, a coffee or a milk-based recipe — and a two-pour coffee setup.

Where to buy: Amazon ($699, usually $799), Harvey Norman ($749)

Breville The Oracle Espresso Machine

delonghi coffee machine breville coffee machine

This more expensive Breville coffee machine sells itself as “the world’s first automatic manual espresso machine”, and it’s that mix of automatic features – for convenience – and manual features – to get your coffee exactly right – that endear it to the folks who make the rather more expensive investment in one. If you’re making a lot of coffee for your housemates, its ability to knock out 2 cappuccinos in 90 seconds could also be a boon.

Where to buy: Amazon ($2,201), Appliances Online Australia ($2,201), The Good Guys ($2,699)

Sunbeam Mini Barista Coffee Machine

sunbeam coffee machine

This Sunbeam coffee machine isn’t fancy, but you wouldn’t expect that at a lower price point. Still, it gets the job done and users rave about it.

Where to buy: Amazon ($234, usually $299), ($234), Appliances Online Australia ($259)

DeLonghi La Specialista Espresso Coffee Machine

delonghi coffee machine breville coffee machine

DeLonghi’s La Specialista coffee machine is a semi-manual machine pitched strongly at the ease-of-use market, although some reviewers do note that this means some features such as the milk frothing wand aren’t as flexible as on more manual machines.

Where to buy: Amazon ($639, usually $799), Bing Lee Electronics ($649),  The Good Guys ($699)

Gaggia Babila Fully Automatic Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

coffee maker Amazon Prime Day 2021

Gaggia’s automatic machine is lauded by its reviewers as much for the striking and attractive design as it is its ability to push out a really great, café-quality cup of coffee.

Where to buy: Appliances Online Australia ($2,218), Amazon ($2,699)

The Best Coffee Pod Machines 2022 (so far)

Breville Nespresso Essenza Mini Bundle

delonghi coffee machine breville coffee machine

The pod Breville coffee machines are pretty enticing with the whole one-press-and-you’re-done thing, especially when it comes in a bundle like this with a milk frother. You can even buy these planet-friendly, Nespresso compatible compostable coffee pods ($21.25) to go with it.

Where to buy: Amazon ($239.99), House ($239.99), Harvey Norman ($269)

Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie Capsule Coffee Machine

Another pod coffee machine worthy of your hard-earned cash is the Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie Capsule machine. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and will look chic on your kitchen counter. It’s also super space efficient like the mini Sunbeam coffee maker, which is great for places with small bench spaces and storage.

Where to buy: Amazon ($186.80)

Wacaco Nanopresso Espresso Coffee Machine

If you can’t live without your morning barista-quality brew, there’s no reason you’d ever have to thanks to this portable capsule coffee maker. All you have to do is simply press the pumping knob a few times and you’ll generate up to 18 bars of pressure, which is enough to rival expensive commercial machines. The innovative design also requires 15 per cent less force from you than previous Minipresso models, which means portable espresso has never been easier. Hello, road trips?

Where to buy: eBay ($104.85), Amazon ($157.95)

Editor’s note: Descriptions and features are taken from manufacturer/seller claims and user reviews on Amazon.

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