3 Ways to Save On Electricity In 2022

3 Ways to Save On Electricity In 2022
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Let’s be honest, with the costs of living constantly rising, saving money around the home has never been so important.

And while you may not have thought about it, electricity is an area you can save significantly – even up to hundreds of dollars a year.

Here are some of our favourite tips on how to bring down your energy costs and keep those savings in your back pocket.

Use solar feed-in tariffs

If you have a solar system or are thinking about getting one, a feed-in tariff can give you money back on the solar power you generate.

Like a small power station, any surplus power your solar system produces can be sold back into the grid. If you’re eligible to receive a FiT, it will appear on your electricity bill as a per kilowatt-hour (kWh) rate.

To opt-in, get in contact with your retailer to see which type of solar panel (this can also be another renewable generator, such as a wind turbine or air source heat pump) and size might be most suitable for you alongside your plan.

Once these are installed, you can start benefitting from your solar feed-in tariff.

Compare energy retailer deals online

Comparing energy retailers every 6 to 12 months can help you make sure you’re not paying too much for your energy.

Offers are constantly changing and there are often many discounts and perks available, so it’s always good to see if you can get a better deal with another provider. Our friends at Econnex are a great place to start – simply type in your postcode below and gain immediate access to the most competitive deals in your area.

Compare the best energy rates, discounts and rewards across providers so you can save more and reap the benefits in the long run. Then make the switch – and save, all in one place.

Where are you located?

Currently available in ddd, ACT, SA, VIC, parts of QLD, TAS & WA (only Gas). Not available in Ergon Area (QLD), NT and embedded networks or non-quotable meters.

Make the most of government rebates

Whether you’re part of a low-income household, have your own family, are a senior, suffer from a medical condition or are on life support – you’ll be pleased to know there are often multiple rebates available depending on which state you live in.

For example, these options are available for all eligible NSW residents. The list of all rebates available in NSW is here.

The Low Income Household Rebate notably helps people with valid concession cards issued by the Commonwealth Department of Human Services or the Department of Veterans Affairs pay their electricity bills.

Take a look at your local state’s government website to find out which rebates are available for you.

Explore each of these options and you’ll be saving money on your electricity in no time.

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