You Missed International Men’s Day

You Missed International Men’s Day
Oh, look. It was four whole months ago. Getty

International Men’s Day was on November 19. You missed it, probably because companies don’t see pandering to men as nearly as profitable as pandering to women.

How to spend IWD if you’re someone who just Googled International Men’s Day

First thing’s first. If you’re a dude who is curious about when your day will come around, may we politely suggest that you do not spend International Women’s Day asking women when International Men’s Day is. Use this time to learn something about the experiences of the women in your lives, instead.

Failing that (which would be pretty damn disappointing tbh), you can also take this opportunity — you have almost a year now — to plan your International Men’s Day party.

Will you have beer but put blue labels on it? Will you give a statement about how you value the male employees at your company, like theoretically, but not enough to protect them from harassment? Will you petition McDonald’s to turn their logo right-side-up so it starts with the same letter as the word “men,” because that makes you feel really empowered?

Just some ideas for you.

The data doesn’t lie

A quick Google trends search will highlight a couple of telling things about our delightfully messed up society. The date on which International Men’s Day is searched for most is not November 19. It’s not even the beginning of November when Movember kicks off. No. The dates on which most people find themselves curious about when men get their moment is between March 7 and 13.

The week of International Women’s Day.

And before you ask, the trend does not work in the reverse. Most people search for International Women’s Day between February and March.

Now, all of this is not to say International Men’s Day is not important – it is linked to serious matters like men’s physical and mental health. But it is not today. So don’t use the event to pull focus from women’s issues.

Useful things you can do

If you’re interested in getting involved in International Women’s Day, perhaps consider putting some time or money into these causes:

Alternatively, you could read all about the event this year and why it’s so important, or check out this list of impressive women-led businesses that deserve your support.

Happy International Women’s Day.

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    • I reckon? I just fuckin’ Googled it and there’s a website that says it’s about stuff like men’s health and being a positive role model for society. It just reads as spiteful lashing out and isn’t particularly new, interesting or helpful to either side of the issue it’s discussing. I’m surprised something so aggressive and inflammatory got approved.

      • My point is that people often conflate the 2. Mostly due to how loud and obnoxious MRA’s are.

        Internation Mens day is a great day to highlight the plights and challenges men face.

        It’s not Internation sook like a child because you’re an MRA day. It’s not a day to denigrate women or women’s rights. MRA’s are children. MRA’s think they are protecting/ Advancing men. When they are doing the opposite, they are taking us backwards.

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