The 4 Guzman Y Gomez Menu Items Staff Members Actually Eat

The 4 Guzman Y Gomez Menu Items Staff Members Actually Eat
Image credit: Guzman y Gomez Instagram

Mexican fast-food restaurant Guzman y Gomez is a pretty well-loved spot for a quick feed. I mean, who doesn’t want to spend their evening sipping on a beer while digging into a bowl of guac?

But as fast-food chains tend to go, there are always hidden gems on the menu – and hacks on how to get the best out of your cheap n’ cheerful feed. Sure, your old faithful orders are always a good time. But if you’re interested in trying something different, read along.

I was lucky enough to be treated with the thoughts of a handful of Guzman y Gomez (GYG) employees on best ordering practices. They gave Lifehacker Australia their opinions on what you really should grab the next time you eat at one of the fast-food chains.

Here’s what Guzman Y Gomez staff order most:

Steven Marks, the Founder and CEO of GYG shared that his go-to order is:

Mini Spicy Ground Beef Nachos and make it a meal with fries and a drink!”

Kate Rix of the GYG Customer Service Team’s absolute fave is:

Mild Chicken Nachos. Add sour cream, no beans and make it a meal.”

Dom, one of the Crew People at GYG shared that his fave order is:

Spicy Pulled Beef Burrito Bowl. Add guac and jalapenos and make it a meal with Jarritos Cola.”

Felipe Rodriguez, an IT Support Analyst with GYG goes for:

Mild Chicken Enchilada, add veggies, add chipotle mayo.”

And Tiz Start, GYG’s National Corporate Operations Manager recommends you order:

Mild chicken Soft Shell Tacos, add chipotle mayo and always make it a meal!”

The Guzman y Gomez team also shared a selection of forgotten menu items that you may not know about (I definitely didn’t).

Most notably, these guys have a breakfast menu that not many people forget to take advantage of. You can grab churro toast, a brekkie burrito or a hash brown (tell me churro toast doesn’t sound like a dream). You can also get a mix of breakfast bites for under $10.

The restaurants are also vegan-friendly, so plant-based folks can feel comfortable ordering away, too.

Is anyone else feeling hungry now?

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