Shazam’s New Concert Feature Makes It Easier to Support Local Artists IRL

Shazam’s New Concert Feature Makes It Easier to Support Local Artists IRL
Image supplied by Shazam.

Yesterday, Shazam launched its brand new concert feature which allows users to receive concert information and source tickets to nearby upcoming shows for the artist they just Shazamed. With live music slowly returning back in Australia (and the world for that matter), Shazam’s concert feature could not have come at a better time.

If you’re unfamiliar with Shazam, it is one of the world’s most widely-used and highly-rated music apps. It’s most commonly known for the iconic ‘Tap to Shazam’ feature that identifies whatever song is playing around the user.

The newest feature uses concert information from Bandsintown, an event recommendation and artist discovery platform, to help increase artists’ exposure after a user ‘Shazams’ their song.

“As live music returns, we’re on a mission to help artists get more visability for their shows,” Fabrice Sergent, managing partner of Bandsintown said about the new feature. He added that “Pent up demand from fans eager to go back to concerts is being met by an unprecendented level of live shows from artists on tour.”

How to use Shazam’s concert feature

Using Shazam’s concert feature is super straightforward.

Just simply open Shazam’s app or website and search the song that’s playing. From there, you can find concert information and tickets that are on sale for upcoming shows near you.

Alternatively, you can also launch a Shazam Artist page to further explore dates, times and locations of live gigs. You can even add the event to your calendar.

Supporting local artists and venues

Shazam concert feature
Image: Lifehacker Australia/Ky Stewart

The cool thing about Shazam’s concert feature is that it includes smaller venues, too. Not only does this help drive a bit of business for local venues but it also makes sure that home-grown talent can get some exposure as well.

For instance, when you Shazam Royel Otis, their gig at Oxford Art Factory in Darlinghurst, Sydney on April 8 pops up. The same happened when we Shazamed Mallrat, who is playing at the Garden Hotel in Dubbo on April 9.

Shazam boasts around 225 million active users and more than 1 billion song recognitions a month, so it’s awesome that local Aussie performers can cash in on that demographic.

Aussie hip-hop artist, Masked Wolf, was among Shazam’s 5 artists to watch after his song ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’ has been Shazamed over 12 million times. It was also crowned one of the most-Shazamed songs of 2021 globally, so now having access to his gigs is a great way to keep the support going.

Speaking of supporting local artists, I used Shazam’s new concert feature today and found tickets to a gig of favourite singer, Julia Jacklin, whose shows have previously all been sold out. If I didn’t use this feature, I wouldn’t have known that there were extra tickets available for her concert.

Shazam’s efforts in supporting both local and international acts is super exciting for music lovers and artists, alike. An I for one will be taking full advantage of the additional access to information about the artists I love most.

Happy Shazaming, folks!

Shazam’s new concert pages are available in the iOS and Android app stores as well as on

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