Pair Your Annual Leave With These Public Holidays for Extra Time off Over Easter

Pair Your Annual Leave With These Public Holidays for Extra Time off Over Easter

Travel may still feel like a strange concept for many of us, but after nearly two years of being homebound, a lot of us have a few annual leave days stored in the bank. So, when is the best time to use them? (Even if it’s just for a little staycation, beach visit or road trip.) Here’s a breakdown of the 2022 public holiday dates and how you can combine them with annual leave days for some epic breaks.

Hack yourself a longer break in 2022 – you deserve it.

Australian holiday dates for the year

January 2022

  • Saturday, January 1 (New Year’s Day)
  • Monday, January 3 (New Year’s Day in lieu)
  • Wednesday, January 26 (Australia Day)

March public holidays 2022

  • Monday, March 7 (Labour Day, WA only)
  • Monday, March 14 (Canberra Day, ACT only)
  • Monday, March 14 (Adelaide Cup Day, SA only)
  • Monday, March 14 (Eight Hours Day, Tas. only)
  • Monday, March 14 (Labour Day, VIC only)

March brings a long weekend to those in WA, ACT, SA, Tas. and Vic., so if you’re in one of those states take the Friday before off for an extra-long weekend.

April public holidays 2022

  • Friday, April 15 (Good Friday)
  • Monday, April 18 (Easter Monday)
  • Monday, April 25 (Anzac Day)

Easter is falling late in 2022 and will take place in mid-April. Because it falls so close to Anzac Day, if you play your cards right you could score a seriously long break here.

By taking April 19-22 off you can turn four days of annual leave into an 11-day break that takes advantage of the Easter and Anzac Day long weekends.

Quarter-year holiday? I think so.

May public holidays 2022

  • Monday, May 2 (May Day in NT, Labour Day in QLD)
  • Monday, May 30 (Reconciliation Day, ACT)

Only the Northern Territory, Queensland and ACT get public holidays in May, but if you’re itching for some time off, why not take the four days after the Monday holiday as annual leave and get a nine-day break.

Alternatively, you could take advantage of the Easter and May public holidays by taking four days off in both the week of Easter Monday and the week of Anzac Day, which would score you 18 days off for only 8 days of annual leave.

June 2022

  • Monday, June 6 (Western Australia Day, WA only)
  • Monday, June 13 (Queen’s Birthday, excl. WA and QLD)

In June, we traditionally celebrate the Queen’s birthday, although WA and QLD take this holiday at different times

For those with the June public holiday, take an extra day on the Friday for a nice four-day weekend or take four days for another nine-day break.

August public holidays 2022

  • Monday, August 1 (Picnic Day, NT only)
  • Wednesday, August 10 (Royal Queensland Show Day, Brisbane only)

Those in the Brisbane area can take advantage of the mid-week Queensland Show holiday by taking two days on either side of the Wednesday as leave, which equals a five-day weekend.

September public holidays 2022

  • Monday, September 26 (Queen’s Birthday, WA Only)
  • TBC – AFL Grand Final Holiday (Vic. only)

September is a weird one, but some areas in Western Australia will get a long weekend for the Queen’s birthday.

Victoria also typically gets the AFL Grand Final holiday in September, but this is dependent on the game schedule. When it does take place, it will usually be on the Friday prior to the sporting event.

October public holidays 2022

  • Monday, October 3 (Labour Day, ACT, NSW, SA only)
  • Monday, October 3 (Queen’s Birthday, Qld only)

It’s a long stretch of work between June and Christmas, so folks needing a break should take advantage of the October public holiday. Qld takes it as the Queen’s birthday while ACT, NSW and SA celebrate Labour Day.

As per usual, combining four days of annual leave with the public holiday will grant you a nine-day break, so take it if you need some R&R.

November public holidays 2022

  • Tuesday, November 1 (Melbourne Cup, Vic. only)

Victoria is the only lucky one with a public holiday in November. The Melbourne Cup takes place on a Tuesday, so it seems only logical to take Monday as annual leave and enjoy a four-day weekend.

December public holidays 2022

  • Sunday, December 25 (Chrismas Day)
  • Monday, December 26 (Boxing Day)
  • Tuesday, December 27 (Christmas Day in lieu)
  • Monday, January 2, 2023 (New Year’s Day in lieu)

Now we get to the good stuff: Christmas break.

In 2022, Christmas Day falls on a Sunday, meaning we’ll get Monday and Tuesday as public holidays in the week between Christmas and New Year.

If you take December 28-30 off as annual leave, you’ll get a 10-day break from just three days of leave. What a gift!

There you have it – all the ways you can pair your annual leave with Australian public holiday dates for extra time off in 2022. Make the most of it!

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