12 Monopoly Versions to Play if You Woke up and Chose Violence Today

12 Monopoly Versions to Play if You Woke up and Chose Violence Today
Image: Hasbro
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Monopoly is a game known to be so vicious that even the royal family are banned from playing it. How many of you have memories of family members cheating the bank, making up their own rules or flipping boards, no matter which edition you’re playing?

From blatant cheating tactics to decoding fake money, we guarantee there’s bound to be a few tears over these exhilarating new takes on this classic board game. Just try not to take any of it personally.

If you want to enjoy a fresh spin on the game we love to hate, check out these 12 monopoly versions that are guaranteed to break up your family for good.

Monopoly Cash Decoder ($12)

Monopoly Cash Decoder
Image: Monopoly

Imagine getting ripped off by your family. Well, that’s how Monopoly Cash Decoder works. When a player pays for something, other players can use the decoder to check if they used fake cash.

When you use the cash decoder, the Monopoly money will reveal hidden patterns that allow players to determine if the cash is real or fake. But if it’s fake, you get to keep the cash. The game even features faux chance cards, which you can use to skip out on payments — so long as it’s not a fakie. You can’t trust anyone these days.

Shop Monopoly Cash Decoder here for $12, down from $42.99).

Monopoly Cheaters Edition ($17.50)

Monopoly Cheaters
Image: Amazon

Cheating is the one and only aim of this game. Break, bend and defy the rules as much as possible to win and undoubtedly enrage every other player in the process.

When it comes to this version of Monopoly, anything and everything goes. Try to steal some money from the bank as you pass ‘Go’, skip out on rent and even fake a roll of the dice. If you pull your cheat off you can reap the reward, but get caught and prepare to face the consequences. The game even comes with a set of handcuffs that’ll see you in a time-out if other players catch onto your antics.

You probably won’t have any friends left by game’s end but as long as you win it’s worth it.

Buy Monopoly Cheaters Edition for $17.50 (down from $42.99) here.

Monopoly Speed ($29.90)

12 Monopoly Versions to Play if You Woke up and Chose Violence Today
Image: Amazon

As the name suggests, this version is all about satisfying a need for speed. And as we all know, nothing throws a spanner in the works like chronic indecisiveness.

If you have a friend or family member who’s notorious for not making up their mind, you shouldn’t play this under any circumstances. Designed to be played in under 10 minutes, the game comes with a timer countdown which is bound to bring out the worst in people during its final seconds. Ultimately it’s a race against the timer to buy, sell and trade properties as fast as possible.

Ready, set, go.

Buy Monopoly Speed for $29.90 (down from $39.99) here.

Monopoly for Sore Losers ($55.49)

Monopoly for Sore Losers
Image: Hasbro

You know how we all have that cousin or friend that can’t stand going to jail for the third time or paying so much rent they end up bankrupt so they just throw their money at the banker and stomp off? Well, here’s version of Monopoly that will finally appease the sore loser in your party.

The aim of the game is to lose so you can win! Wild, right? In this hilarious rendition, every time you have to pay rent or go to jail, you collect one ‘sore loser coin’. By collecting four coins, you get to use the big bad Mr. Monopoly token that lets you stomp around the board collecting money, instead of paying it out. It turns out that it pays to be salty.

Pick up Monopoly for Sore Losers here for $55.49.

Monopoly Go Green ($35)

12 Monopoly Versions to Play if You Woke up and Chose Violence Today
Image: Hasbro

Imagine a Monopoly board that’s made out of FSC-certified wood, plant-based plastic from sugarcane and renewable raw material. That’s exactly what Monopoly Go Green is — an environmentally-friendly way to play the world’s favourite board game.

In this edition, players have the option to invest in renewable energy, such as a wind farm or solar field and all of the railroads have been converted into bike paths.

Shop it here for $35, down from $42.99.

Monopoly Longest Game Ever ($41.51)

Monopoly Longest Game Ever
Image: Hasbro

If you thought Monopoly couldn’t go on any longer, you were wrong. This edition goes until every single property on the board is owned by a single player. And if you thought going bankrupt will let you off the hook, you’ll be sorely mistaken. To really drag it out, the Longest Game Ever comes with just one die and three of each property.

Your competition will be begging you to put them out of their misery.

Play… and play… by grabbing Monopoly Longest Game Ever from here for $41.51, down from $57.

Monopoly Socialism ($165.77)

Monopoly Socialism
Image: Amazon

Working together for the greater good sounds ideal in theory, but when it comes to Monopoly, nothing is what it’s cracked up to be.

Move around the board contributing to community projects like the no-tip vegan restaurant and all-winners school. Work with other players to build a shared utopia until someone pulls a chance card that threatens to throw the group off-course. From noisy neighbours and DIY projects gone awry, there’s always a new emergency that requires a dip into the community fund – but be careful not to spend all your money or the whole group loses.

This version is arguably worse than the Cheaters Edition as people hide their agendas under a thin veil of philanthropy.

Buy Monopoly Socialism for $165.77 here.

Monopoly for Millennials ($40.49)

Millennials Monopoly
Image: Amazon

Cracking into the property market has never felt harder, so investing money in Monopoly houses seems like a logical compromise.

This game is filled with everything considered to be a millennials dream – brunch, music festivals and a much-needed break from adulting. Instead of making the most money, the aim is to gather the most experiences. After all, it’s arguably life’s most important currency. The other bonus of the game is that players don’t have to pay rent, they just visit each other’s houses and rack up even more experience points. A rent-free existence sounds pretty good to us.

So how could this possibly start a fight you ask? Someone stealing your avocado at the farmers market, obviously.

Buy Monopoly For Millennials for $40.49 here.

Monopoly House Divided ($35.45)

Monopoly Presidential Election
Image: Amazon

Nothing brings out the worst in people quite like a presidential race. If you’ve ever thought you have what it takes to make it all the way to the White House – this is the perfect game for you.

Start by choosing a candidate token before being assigned to the red or blue party. The aim is to buy states, earn votes and make a bid for the White House (at any cost). Don’t be afraid to pull dirty tactics like sending your opponent to jail and stealing their states while you’re at it.

Sure, it might cost you a few friends but once you’re the president of the United States, who really cares? It’ll be a house divided by the end of this game alright.

Buy Monopoly House Divided for $35.91 here.

Monopoly Family Championship ($109.22)

12 Monopoly Versions to Play if You Woke up and Chose Violence Today
Image: Amazon

Tournament rules, score sheets and a coveted trophy – if those things don’t get you riled up, nothing will. If you come from a particularly competitive family then this Monopoly version will likely be your undoing.

The game is designed to be fast and intense so it’s not for the faint of heart. It differs from your classic Monopoly in a few ways. The first is that three dice are used – one of which is a speed dice that requires you to make decisions quickly. Secondly, you’re able to trade properties with other players based solely on negotiation which adds a unique psychological element to the mix.

The aim of the game is to walk away with the championship trophy and bragging rights. Until the next time that you all sit down for a rematch, of course.

Buy Monopoly Family Championship for $106.59 here.

Monopoly Ultimate Banking ($49.63)

12 Monopoly Versions to Play if You Woke up and Chose Violence Today
Image: Amazon

If you love fluctuating house prices and financial uncertainty, you’ll probably love this game. If you don’t, welcome to hell.

Monopoly enters the 21st Century with this version, as players use an electronic bank card to make payments and repay debt. With your card, you can buy property, set rent prices and tap your way to the winner’s circle. Instead of Chance cards and Community Chest you’ve got Event cards and Location spaces which allows property prices to rise and fall without warning and grants players the ability to pay and move to any property space on the game board.

Throw everything you think you know about Monopoly out the window for this one and get ready to play dirty.

Buy Monopoly Ultimate Banking for $49.63 (down from $59.99) here.

Monopoly Classic ($23.99)

Monopoly Classic
Image: Amazon

No Monopoly round-up would be complete without taking it back to where it all began – the classic. After all, every special edition was made solely in its honour so perhaps the original version is the most infuriating of them all?

The arguing begins when players are asked to choose their tokens. Everyone wants to be the dog or the rubber duck and absolutely nobody wants to be the shoe. May you have the fastest hands in the room to secure your choice. Then, move your way through hotels, houses and the community chest in a race to the finish line.

If you’re really looking to get rowdy you can’t do any better than where it all started. There can only be one winner – will it be you?

Buy Monopoly Classic for $23.99 (down from $42.99) here.

You can also pick up some fun themed versions based on your favourite TV shows, movies and video games below:

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