Get Lucky With This Irish Coffee Recipe

Get Lucky With This Irish Coffee Recipe
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It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, folks. That means it’s time for rivers to be dyed green and shamrocks to be plastered onto every surface within reach. It also means that many people will be looking for boozy recipes to dig into. Martin Hudak, co-owner of Maybe Sammy & Sammy Junior and owner of Spiritual Coffee has shared a sweet little recipe for a vegan Irish coffee that has Saint Patrick’s Day written all over it.

Here’s your guide to making it at home.

Vegan Irish coffee recipe

Speaking on the new vegan take on this classic recipe using Oatly cream, Hudak shared that:

“Our Cold Irish Coffee was always huge success at Maybe Sammy and to please wider audiences, we wanted to implement vegan option for it too.”

If you’re trying this out for the first time at home, he suggests focusing “on a good a quality specialty-grade coffee and make sure you balance your sweetness and alcohol.”

Then, perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to presentation, he shared that:

“When you’re layering the cream, help yourself with a spoon and pour it slowly on top to create that distinguished look.”

What you’ll need for your Irish coffee recipe:

  • 25 ml Irish whiskey (Jameson Black Barrel) 
  • 25 ml honey-dark sugar sweet mix (5g honey, 5g muscovado sugar mix, 5g hot water) 
  • 120 ml Honduras Montecillos coffee 
  • 60 ml Oatly cream (non-dairy, plant-based cooking cream)


  1. Combine Irish whiskey, sweet mix and coffee in a glass, stir gently to combine, then add the cream on top as layer using a bar spoon to let it sit gently.

After you’re done making and enjoying your vegan Irish coffee, may we suggest you move on to this recipe guide for green cocktails that are equally as ideal for your Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations.

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