5 Self-Sufficient Indoor Herb Gardens You Can Leave On Autopilot

5 Self-Sufficient Indoor Herb Gardens You Can Leave On Autopilot
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Whether you’re a veteran green thumb or someone who has multiple plant casualties in their arsenal, there’s nothing quite like the special satisfaction associated with growing your own herbs from the ground up — especially when you’re sick of buying a bunch of basil one week, only for it to lay untouched and lifeless in your fridge for the next five. That, ladies and gents, is where an indoor herb garden comes in.

Characterised by soil-less planter boxes that nurture an abundance of different types of herbs and veggies, these boxes are fitted with growing light rods that replicate sunlight, which means these babies will thrive absolutely anywhere (not just in direct sunlight). A lot of them are also fitted with in-built water systems for a set and forget approach to gardening, so gardening rookies (read: us) can enjoy some fresh chives in their pasta, too.

In saying this, it wouldn’t be fair if we talked the talk and didn’t let you walk the walk, which is why we’ve rounded up some fresh indoor herb garden ideas and inspiration ahead for you to indulge in.

The best indoor herb gardens in Australia

iDOO 20Pods Indoor Herb Garden was $169.98, now $139.98 (save $30)

5 Self-Sufficient Indoor Herb Gardens You Can Leave On Autopilot

If you’ve just traded a big backyard for a smaller apartment or loft, and you can’t help but want to continue to live out your dreams of having a herb garden, we recommend not looking past this iDOO Indoor Germination Kit that comes with four water tanks and can grow up to 20 plants at a time.

The best part? You have total control over the weather all year round thanks to its built-in growing light that simulates sunlight, promoting photosynthesis in any weather and therefore helping your fresh herbs maintain their optimal growth status.

You can buy the iDOO 20Pods Indoor Herb Garden ($139.98) from Amazon here.

Hydroponics Indoor Growing System, $181.36

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If you need something a little smaller that’s still going to do the job without much intervention from you, this self-sufficient baby allows you to grow 12 different flowers or herbs simultaneously. Similar to the previous option, the LED grow light and self-watering system allows you to put your herbs anywhere (no direct sunlight needed) and leave them to their own devices. As rookie green thumbs, this is our top pick for beginners (AKA your friends who’d even kill a cactus).

You can buy the Hydroponics Indoor Growing System ($181.36) from Amazon here.

Moistenland Hydroponics Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit w/LED Grow Light, $251.59

5 Self-Sufficient Indoor Herb Gardens You Can Leave On Autopilot


Constructed with an automatic control panel connected to the LED grow light, this Indoor Herb Garden will automatically turn off after 16 hours of constant use and turn back on after eight hours of rest, setting the perfect light time to help your plants photosynthesise. When we said autopilot, we meant autopilot.

This option is another great one for beginners. However, it’s a little more expensive, so we suggest only investing in one if you’re sure you’ll commit to using your freshly grown herbs for longer than a week.

You can buy the Moistenland Hydroponics Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit ($251.59) from Amazon here.

GAIZERL Hydroponics Growing System 12 Pods, $272.31

5 Self-Sufficient Indoor Herb Gardens You Can Leave On Autopilot

We know this baby is a step up in price from its preceding counterparts, but what it lacks in affordability, it makes up for in functionality. How? This growing system boasts efficient water circulation thanks to its capacity to hold 6.5 litres of water, which is enough to last your herbs for four weeks. Hello, backpacker plant parents!

Outside of that, the LED grow light’s rod can be adjusted to cater for plants at different growth stages (sow period, growth period and adult plants).

You can buy the GAIZERL Hydroponics Growing System 12 Pods ($272.31) from Amazon here.

Indoor Herb Hydroponics Grow Kit, $70

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If the kids have been itching for a new puppy and you’re not sure you can handle the extra commitment, we suggest getting them this mini indoor planter instead. It’s small enough to keep in their rooms or in a communal space — and won’t die if you don’t water it for weeks, thanks to in-built water systems and light rods. The other parents on the school block are sure to get some herb garden ideas.

You can buy the Indoor Herb Hydroponics Grow Kit ($70) from eBay here.

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