Put Your Dinner Party Skills to Good Use With the Feast for Freedom Fundraiser

Put Your Dinner Party Skills to Good Use With the Feast for Freedom Fundraiser
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Sharing a meal is one of the most intimate forms of connection we have. Preparing food, especially dishes that have been passed down through generations, is a deeply personal thing and there are few other gestures out there that are so imbued with love, tradition and culture. Feast for Freedom is an event held by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) that blends the experience of sharing a meal with the act of aiding people seeking asylum, and it’s quite a beautiful thing.

Running from March 25 – 27, 2022, Feast for Freedom asks Aussies to host a feast (at home, work, or with your broader community) then use the event to fundraise for donations used to provide support and care to people seeking asylum.

Once you’ve registered as a host, you’ll receive a feast kit made up of a recipe booklet filled with dishes supplied by Manel and Mashid (two refugees who have made a home in Australia), a table centrepiece, conversation starters and other resources to help prepare for your feast..

What will I be cooking?

Manel, who works as a cook full-time at ASRC’s social enterprise, ASRC Catering, has shared a collection of Malaysian-Indian recipes for Feast for Freedom. Mashid, who has established herself as a cooking instructor, has offered up her skills in Persian cooking with a collection of recipes, too.

In previous years, Feast for Freedom offered hosts a collection of recipes across Palestinian, Sri Lankan, Ethiopian and Papua New Guinean cuisines. Dishes have included Kothu Roti, Smoky Baba Ganoush and Sweet Potato and Plantain Balls, among a whole lot more.

In 2022, we know we can expect recipes for an epic lamb stew and pakodas, so get excited for an impressive feast.

Where do Feast for Freedom donations go?

Feast for Freedom
Manel, Feast for Freedom. Image supplied.

Donations received through Feast for Freedom go towards the ASRC’s efforts to support people seeking asylum.

Per the ASRC website, here’s a break down of what your money can do.

Raising $300 can help fund a week’s food, housing and healthcare needs of someone seeking asylum.

Raising $500 can help provide 6 months of primary care and prescriptions through our health clinic.

Raising $1,000 can help provide a vulnerable family with their food and grocery needs for an entire year through our Foodbank.

Raising $1,300 can help provide 3 months of emergency housing for someone in need.

How do I sign up?

Mahshid, Feast for Freedom. Image supplied.

If you’re keen to host a Feast for Freedom event this year, you can hop over to the website here to register now. You can also just donate directly via the website if you like.

Oh, and if March 25 sounds too soon for you, there is also the option to host a Feast for Freedom at the date of your choosing, so no rush!

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