Get $100 off Eva’s Sustainably Made All Day Sofa With This Exclusive Discount Code

Get $100 off Eva’s Sustainably Made All Day Sofa With This Exclusive Discount Code
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Buying a lounge can be expensive business. Yes, there are plenty of cheap ways to go about it — grabbing something second-hand being the most obvious — but they’re generally reserved for those who are moving out of home for the first time. What about someone who’s ready to splash a bit of cash on something that actually suits their home setup?

The choice is fairly simple for most. Is it comfortable? Does it match your other furniture? If the answer to both is yes, you’ve pretty much done all the hard work (unless you actually have to move it yourself). But if you have kids, pets or a particularly messy household environment, the list of boxes to tick gets a little longer.

Do you go for the leather lounge because the spills are easier to wipe up, in the hopes it doesn’t get destroyed in other ways? Or do you opt for something cheap with a view to upgrading a little further down the road when it eventually does get trashed? As a first-time dad to a 10-month-old who’s really starting to ramp up the messy dial, these are the questions I’ve asked myself recently.

Given the opportunity to take Eva’s easy-to-clean All Day Sofa for a spin, I jumped at the chance.

The first of its kind in Australia, the fabric used for the All Day series is made from 100% recycled plastic. The website claims that one sofa saves 150 plastic bottles ending up in landfills. Additionally, the memory foam and packaging is also made from recycled materials. As someone who’s trying to be more mindful of their impact on the environment, this is a big plus.

There are a ton of options in terms of shape and configuration, so there’s likely an option to fit any space. You’ve got your standard straight two or three-seaters, L-shaped five, six or seven-seaters, and a stand-alone ottoman if you like to give your legs somewhere to sit, too.

I got the three-seater in navy blue, which measures 231cm long, 90cm wide and 78cm tall. The back and bottom cushions are removable (important for couch forts) and made from the same material that lines the majority of the sofa’s frame. Most importantly, the cushion covers are removable and machine-washable, which is maybe the biggest advantage for me and the child-induced stains on my current lounges. This is also ideal for pet owners or particularly messy housemates.

Get $100 off Eva’s Sustainably Made All Day Sofa With This Exclusive Discount Code

The All Day Sofas also have a pocket on the side for magazines or whatever else you feel like storing in them.

What I really like about the sofa is its length. It can comfortably fit three people – as advertised – and is plenty long enough for my tall ass to lie down on during lazy days. But the most important question of all, how does it feel to sit on? Well, I’ve definitely warmed up to it.

I’ve had the same set of lounges for a good 8 years now, so it’s fair to say I’ve grown pretty accustomed to how they feel. In comparison to these, the Eva sofa is much different. That’s not a bad thing by any means, it’s just to say that it took some time to adjust.

My first impression was that it feels a little shallow compared to my previous lounges, but it being lower to the ground made this an easy adjustment and something that feels quite nice, in my opinion. After a few days, it felt like the norm. The All Day Sofa really shines when you have a little bit of room to stretch out next to you, enhanced by moving the back cushions around in a way that’s most comfortable for you.

The material itself also took a minute to adjust to. It can feel slightly rough to begin with but it has softened over a short time with a wash or two. I didn’t find this to be a particularly big deal, but worth mentioning if you’re looking for something super soft right off the bat. Honestly, knowing that my soon-to-be toddler will have a hard time permanently damaging the durable fabric actually made it more comfortable in my mind.

Overall, it’s a solid sofa that seems to be getting more comfortable over time. Clocking in at $1,550, it’s the durability and ease of cleaning that makes me comfortable dropping that amount of money. What good’s buying a nice lounge if it’s going to get torn apart by pets or toddlers, you know?

Eva’s All Day Sofas are delivered for free with a 120-night trial, so if it doesn’t end up being your jam, no worries. You also don’t need any tools to put it together if the idea of assembling something is a nightmare to you.

You can order the All Day Sofa range here, all of which are currently $100 off the normal price with the exclusive code, LIFEHACKER100.

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