Play With Vacuums and Get Your Hair Done For Free at the New Dyson Demo Store

Play With Vacuums and Get Your Hair Done For Free at the New Dyson Demo Store
Contributor: Asha Barbaschow and Stephanie Nuzzo

You know you’re an adult when Dyson products, and a dedicated showcase store, make you excited. And Dyson’s new Sydney-based Demo Store delivers in every way an adult vacuum-obsessive could hope it to.

Australia’s first-ever Dyson Demo store can really only be described as an immersive demo space – you can play with the company’s cordless vac tech on actual mess; test its purifiers, as well as have your hair analysed under a damn microscope as part of (wait for it) Dyson Hair Science.

It’s easy for us to test a device and tell you it’s great, but a space like this allows you to throw dirt on the floor and suck it up. The experience is fully immersive, and you can get hands-on experience with each piece of Dyson’s (eyewatering) tech for free. And that includes having your hair styled in-store after getting an assessment of what your tresses may need.

The Dyson Store Beauty Lab

Dyson says it’s dedicated to understanding the science of hair, as “it is the very foundation underpinning its hair styling technologies”. The company has thrown $180 million at researching hair tech.

“Dyson is now taking Dyson’s hair science expertise from labs to the shop-floor with a hyper-personalised hair science experience in-store,” is the official pitch from Dyson. But what is involved?

Well, at the Dyson store you can participate in a hair health consultation that basically runs through your styling routine and hair “goals” and, of course, the outcome is telling you what Dyson technologies can help achieve these.

There’s clearly a direct line to Dyson wanting you to leave the store with one of its products, but the team is fully comfortable with you walking in for a hair care booking and leaving without spending a dollar, too. In short, their view is that they are so confident in the tech that whether you leave with an Airwrap or just a slick-looking head of hair, you’ll become an ambassador of the Dyson experience.

And we can see why. Lifehacker had a chance to walk through the store and, yes, one of us had a few strands of hair analysed, too. Without even sitting down for a hair styling session, we were bursting to tell everyone at home about the experience. (The hair was healthy, you’ll be happy to hear.)

If you’d like to book in for a free styling session or hair health analysis – and you totally should – you can learn more about that here.

Playing house

Dyson Store
Dyson Store vacuum wall. Lifehacker Australia

While it feels very 30s-energy to admit this, a store dedicated to trying out cleaning devices is pretty damn exciting to us. Probably the coolest part is that you can use an interactive screen to complete a quiz in Dyson’s Demo Store that’ll suggest the perfect vacuum for you and your home.

From here you can pick up the vacuum off the wall, select whichever messy particle you like from a jar on the wall (like cereal or dust), pour it onto the floor, or a replica of carpeted stairs (among other options) and vacuum it up.

There’s also the option to interact with a wall that highlights the kinds of particles that are emitted into your air at home while cooking or cleaning and walks you through how Dyson purifiers reduce them.

Gift-wrap it, Dyson style

Dyson personalised case. Dyson Demo Store. Lifehacker Australia

Another feature we found particularly fun at the Dyson Store on George street is that you can get your purchases gift-wrapped for free – they’ll wrap it in Dyson-designed paper and seal it with a wax stamp (fancy). And if you grab a case for a hair care product you can get it personalised with up to three initials debossed for free.

If you’re wondering how you’re possibly going to get through all of these experiences while in a packed store in Sydney’s CBD it’s worth noting Dyson does offer the option for you to book in appointments with staff for product demos along with hair styling and assessments.

Convinced this place is Disneyland for adults yet? We sure are.

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