How To Organise Your Car So You Can Stop Tossing Everything In the Backseat

How To Organise Your Car So You Can Stop Tossing Everything In the Backseat
Image: iStock/victorass88
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If you’ve already managed to “Marie Kondo” your kitchen, your bathroom and your bedroom, the next place you’ll want to tackle is your car. We’re all a tad guilty of turning the insides of our cars into glorious dumping zones, whether it’s filled with our stinky gym gear, sandy beach towels and that rogue chip you swore you’d pick up after you arrived at your destination.

And if children are part of that equation, then you might have found the occasional doll’s head or LEGO brick on the backseat floor, too.

While most cars these days feature a side pocket on every door and a cup holder or two, a big family might struggle to neatly organise everyone’s bits and bobs.

The next time you jump into your car and you suddenly sneeze snot onto your wheel (we’ve all done it), don’t make the mistake of fumbling aimlessly through the backseat for that box of tissues you could’ve sworn you threw back there yesterday.

If you’ve finally had enough of your car looking like a mess every time you step inside, we’ve put together a handful of tips that will keep your ride tidier and more organised for your next drive.

Keep tissues in arm’s reach

Tissue dispenser
Image: Fredysu

As mentioned above, it’s both easy — and dangerous — to become distracted looking for your tissue box while driving. Instead of fumbling around in the backseat and risk taking your eyes off the road, keep your tissues close by and literally top of mind with this tissue holder that can slide onto your car sun visor.

Not only will it be much easier for you to reach up while driving, but its overhead design will leave more room for your other belongings and less clutter.

Shop it here for $13.90.

Add extra car drink holders

Drink holder
Image: iStock/illionaire

Nothing makes us feel more frantic than picking up our drive-thru McDonald’s order from the window as we struggle to re-jig the available space in our car drink holder slots. Meanwhile, the Maccas employee is patiently (or not-so-patiently) waiting to pass you your Coke. Sure, we could’ve tried clearing some space before we drove up to the window, but where’s the urgency in that?

If you’re someone who struggles with a single cupholder, or just a lack of space, you can grab this car drink holder that clips onto your centre console. It’ll allow you to stash two extra drinks along with your phone or wallet.

Shop this car drink holder here for $15.99.

Stop tossing your trash on the car floor

Car trash can
Image: Ryhpez

Now that we’ve sorted your drink fiasco, how many of you have a bad habit of tossing your takeaway into the backseat when you’re done with it and leaving it there for a week — sometimes more?

This problem is best solved through the addition of a hanging trash bin that you can attach to your centre console. Not only is it collapsible, but it comes with a lid so you can hide that unsightly sight. While you’ll still need to take out your bin every so often, you’ll be less likely to find chip salt scattered across the backseat or remnants of an unfinished Fanta sticking to the floor.

You can grab one here for $15.

Keep everything neatly organised with a seat organiser


If you’re running out of room to store your snacks, jumpstart cables and car cleaning products, you might want to consider a car seat organiser.

This trunk car seat organiser hangs from the backseats and comes with eight, strong and deep pockets so you can separate everything you need. Shop it here for $24.99.

But if you’d prefer something smaller so that your passengers can store their belongings, you can grab this one instead. It hangs between the driver and passenger seats, so your mates in the backseat can store their bulky wallets or books. You can find this car seat organiser here for $16.99.

Hook your handbag onto these hooks


If you’ve ever wanted to hang up a coat or your handbag while driving, especially when you’ve got a passenger beside you, these car headrest hooks are the perfect accessory for any car. All you have to do is snap them onto the back of your headrest and voila.

Shop it here for $9.19.

Get a handle on your boot with this car organiser

Car boot organiser
Image: Knodel

This car boot organiser is perfect if you like to store your boxing gloves, beach towels, or even picnic gear in your trunk so you’re prepared for anything.

This one happens to come with two securing straps, a removable divider and you can even create a cooler out of one compartment by zipping shut its lid. It’s the ultimate car storage option if you have a lot of stuff you need to keep neatly in one place.

You can grab this car boot organiser here for $75.98.

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