Gaze Upon Bubble O’Bill in Easter Egg Form

Gaze Upon Bubble O’Bill in Easter Egg Form

Easter is coming up quick and there are endless varieties of chocolate eggs vying for your attention. Joining the classic lineup of Cadbury eggs and Lindt Bunnies this year is a very special item, an Australian icon if you will. Allow me to introduce you to the Bubble O’Bill Easter Egg.

For those unfamiliar, Bubble O’Bill is a classic Streets ice cream. Many Aussies are partial to feasting on one from the corner store after a hot day at the beach or finding an excuse to go to the servo and grab one.

Mr O’Bill is an iconic ice cream made up of chocolate and strawberry swirls, a crunchy chocolate backplate and the all-important bubblegum nose. I personally have fond memories of eagerly unwrapping my ice cream and praying for a lucky green nose.

Sentimentality aside, we now have Bubble O’Bill chocolate eggs, making this Easter long weekend that much sweeter.

Bubble O’Bill in Easter Egg form

bubble o'bill easter egg
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In collaboration with Chocolatier Australia, our mate Bubble O’Bill is transitioning from the freezer aisle into chocolate egg form.

The 160g egg is made up of strawberry marbled milk chocolate with a mix of crunchy caramel and chewy berry pieces. The best part is on the inside because each Bubble O’Bill egg is filled with five giant bubblegum noses. Surely one of them has to be green, right!?

Where can you get your hands on the best egg in the wild west?

Bubble O’Bill Easter eggs are coming exclusively to Woolworths supermarkets Australia-wide from March 16. They’ll cost you $10 a pop (or nose, should I say).

Bubble O’Bill is just one of the inventive new Easter eggs hitting shelves this year. We also have the return of another ice cream extraordinaire, the Golden Gaytime egg.

There are also dozens of local Aussie chocolate eggs that make the perfect Easter gift for someone (or yourself). Oh, and while you’re here, you can grab one of these Woolies promo codes to save on your shop.

Happy Easter! Here’s hoping you get plenty of green bubblegum noses!

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