If You Don’t Have a Mattress Protector, Respectfully, What Are You Doing?

If You Don’t Have a Mattress Protector, Respectfully, What Are You Doing?
Image: Emma Sleep
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It’s fair to say that a new mattress is often a solid investment. You sleep on it every night (or, in our case, work from it all day, too), so why shouldn’t it be, right? That’s why, if you think about it, a good quality mattress protector should be given equal importance as well. These babies not only reduce wear and tear on your brand new, expensive threads and keep your bed stain-free, but they also have the power to reduce the number of dust mites and allergens that collect in your mattress over the years, too.

So, in the name of peak adulting, we’ve trawled through a bunch of retailers to round up the best mattress protectors tailored to your bed size. A fair few are even on sale, so you’ll wanna jump on them quickly.

The Best Mattress Protector for a Single Bed

Emma Mattress Protector V3

mattress protectors

Made from 3D knitted fabric for top-of-the-line ventilation and moisture/temperature regulation, this one from Emma Sleep is perfect for those of you who might get a lil’ sweaty while you sleep. This baby also contains natural probiotics, which are released upon friction when you sleep. What does that mean? It creates a micro-climate that doesn’t allow for allergens and dust mites to grow. Say goodbye to the constant sniffles!

Where to buy: Emma Sleep ($135.20)

Bedecor Mattress Protector

If you’ve got kids who are still learning how to potty-train (especially when it comes to wetting the bed at night), this 100 per cent waterproof protector is set to do the trick by protecting your child’s mattress from any long-term urine stains and odour.

Where to buy: Amazon ($30.99)

The Best Mattress Protector for a Double Bed

Sleep Cool Wool/Cotton Mattress Protector

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This premium cotton and wool combo will give all you hot sleepers a chance to cool the heck down this summer, thanks to the breathable and cooling abilities of its fabric. Did we mention, it’s also incredibly soft. Think: sleeping on a cloud but marginally better. Just a note – the sale price won’t last for long, so get shopping!

Where to buy: eBay ($149.99), Myer ($149.99, usually $249.99)

Sheridan Ultracool Cotton Protector

We are suckers for anything Sheridan because we know its high-quality, durable products last forever and a day. A solid investment, if you will.  This one from Sheridan is no different, so nab it while it’s hot.

Where to buy: Myer ($188.99, usually $269.99), Sheridan ($202.49)

The Best Mattress Protector for a Queen Bed

Australian-Made Quilted Protector

This Australian-made topper/protector hybrid will protect your mattress from stains, spills, and general wear n’ tear, all while keeping you madly comfortable. A total all-rounder in our books.

Where to buy: Amazon ($39.90, usually $89), Luxor Linen ($89)

Tontine Comfortech Quilted Waterproof Protector

mattress protector

Our friends over at Tontine don’t miss either when it comes to bedding products. This highly-rated Comfortech one has hundreds of reviews that confirm this baby is thick, comfy and totally spill-proof. It also dries in no time after washing.

Where to buy: Amazon ($59.39, usually $114.95), Tontine ($114.95)

Viewstar Queen Protector

This queen size mattress protector has a superior waterproof plastic backing, efficiently resisting any leaks and spills to provide accountable protection for all your expensive mattresses. Rest-assured, though — despite being plastic— it’s noiseless and doesn’t constantly make crinkling sounds, so you won’t have to worry about hearing any annoying plastic noises while sleeping on it.

Where to buy: Amazon ($29.99)

The Best Mattress Protector for a King Bed

Bamboo Mattress Protector

mattress protector

This bamboo, water-resistant, hypoallergenic, breathable, washable, antibacterial cover will keep your mattress as clean as the day you brought it home. This is a solid move after forking out a small fortune for it. Are we right, folks?

Where to buy: eBay ($28.99)

Tontine Classic Anti-Allergy Luxe Protector

Prone to allergies? This Tontine protector features a treatment that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and dust mites for a sniffle-free sleep.

Where to buy: Amazon ($59), Catch.com.au ($67)

If you’ve skipped a few episodes and still need to buy a mattress first, may we suggest starting here?

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