From Linen to Silk, These 6 Steam Irons Will Ensure You Leave the House Looking Slick

From Linen to Silk, These 6 Steam Irons Will Ensure You Leave the House Looking Slick
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The best irons are often lightweight, offer great steam power and boast a smooth soleplate to glide through creased work shirts and garments effortlessly. In our book, they should also heat up quickly and be easily refillable.

If you’re in the market for a new iron, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the hard yards, rifling through hundreds of product reviews and descriptions to find you the best irons, ironing boards and ironing accessories in Australia, so you can simply ‘add to cart’. Oh, and did we mention that we’ve ensured that most of them come in at a pretty generous price point?! Because who doesn’t love a good quality bargain?

Here is a running list of our current favourites. Happy Shopping!

The best irons available online in Australia

Sunbeam Verve CeraFlow Steam Press, $69

From Linen to Silk, These 6 Steam Irons Will Ensure You Leave the House Looking Slick

Designed to offer a powerful steam shot and continuous flow, this baby is your one-stop-shop for quickly smoothening creases and wrinkles, so you can get through that piling mountain of ironing fast. Sunbeam’s Dual Steam Chamber Technology also optimises the steam pressure to really deeply penetrate fibres, allowing for the effortless removal of creases — even on tough fabrics. And, it’s only $69! 

To sweeten the deal, we should also mention this baby is fitted with a powerful 2400-watts, providing you with a super-fast heat-up and even temperature across the soleplate. There’s a reason it’s in our top picks of the best irons in Australia. 

You can buy the Sunbeam Verve CeraFlow Steam Iron ($69) from Amazon here.

Philips Azur Elite Steam Press with OptimalTEMP Technology, $159.20

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If you find yourself constantly ruining or steam-burning your lighter fabrics, then we can’t stress just how much we recommend this option. Using Philip’s OptimalTemp technology and its DynamiQ mode, the Azure Elite Steam Iron assures it will never cause burns to any ironable fabric, meaning you can iron everything from jeans to silk, linen and cashmere safely, and in any order, without waiting for the temperature to adjust.

This baby also comes equipped with ‘max mode’ to blast stubborn creases with powerful continuous steam and an ‘eco steam mode’ with minimum constant steam that saves up to 20 per cent energy for all you environmentally friendly friends!

You can buy the Philips Azur Elite Steam Iron with OptimalTEMP Technology ($159.20) on Amazon here.

PHILIPS 3000 Series Steam Iron with ceramic Soleplate, $35

From Linen to Silk, These 6 Steam Irons Will Ensure You Leave the House Looking Slick

Delivering fast warm-up and powerful performance, this Philips 3000 Series Steam Iron boasts a durable ceramic soleplate that glides well on any ironable garment (read: it won’t start to peskily stick to your clothes after a few uses like some other irons do). Its drip-stop system even prevents leakage to avoid stains from water droplets so you can iron with confidence at any temperature.

What’s better? Aside from its epic $35 price, of course, it has a vertical steam function, which allows you to refresh garments right on the hanger and remove creases from hanging fabrics such as curtains. No ironing board required.

You can buy the PHILIPS 3000 Series Steam Iron with ceramic Soleplate ($35) from Amazon here.

Kambrook Steamline Advance, $39

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Similar to the Philips 3000 Series, this Kambrook Steamline Iron offers easy-glide sole plates, a fine mist spray technology to remove creases in a very efficient way, and an anti-dip system to prevent excess water seeping through onto your clothes while in function. So, if you’re after an affordable option that truly gets the job done, we’d look no further than this highly-rated budget alternative.

You can buy the Kambrook Steamline Advance Iron ($39) from Amazon here.

Russell Hobbs Easy Store Pro Steam, $49

From Linen to Silk, These 6 Steam Irons Will Ensure You Leave the House Looking Slick

Russell Hobbs’ Easy Store Pro does exactly that — stores easily, thanks to a clever plug and wind cord that wholly tucks into its base, leaving more space in the cupboard if you live in a small apartment or a place with minimal storage.

It’s also got a handy precision tip to get in and around those hard to reach places like pleats or buttons for optimal efficiency.

You can buy the Russell Hobbs Easy Store Pro Steam Iron ($49) from Amazon here.

Foldable Portable Mini Steam Iron, $25.99

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Sometimes you’re on your way to an important event or meeting and realise your shirt is crumpled. Other times, things start off crisp in the morning but then start to crush with wear as you sit down and move around throughout the day.

That’s where this portable compact mini-press comes in (aka the best of its kind in Australia if we’ve got any say in it). Not only does its small size make it a great alternative to its more household-esque predecessors, but you can efficiently store it in your office (for those days you quite literally roll out of bed) or keep it for smaller items like baby clothes and garments. How’s that for multipurpose?

You can buy the Foldable Portable Mini Steam Iron ($25.99) from eBay here.

The best ironing boards and accessories

Of course, you can’t have a running list of the best irons in Australia without a couple of ironing boards and must-have accessories to help you achieve the crispest of clothing possible.

So, if you’re going to invest in one of these babies, it’s worth also investing in this Joseph Glide Plus Easy-store ironing board with advanced cover ($137.97). Not only is it one of our favourite durable ironing boards, but it’s super compact for our small house as it folds down completely and comes with a separate hanging hook for easy off-the-floor storage. Alternatively, if you think you have no space for an ironing board altogether, we’d recommend the Joseph Pocket Plus Folding table-top Ironing Board ($102.65) as it does the same job, but instead, just sits on top of a regular table (read: your dining table or even kitchen bench). This Magnetic Ironing Mat Blanket ($27.48) also beats the need for a board altogether and allows you to make any hard surface a heat-proof ironing station. 

Other than an ironing board, you might also like to nab yourself an Ironing Glove ($21.27) to protect your hands from the steam, as well as this highly-raved about Wrinkle Releaser ($25) that helps release any persistent wrinkles in your clothes.

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