The 5 Best Hair Straightener Brushes to Invest In, According to Amazon Reviews

The 5 Best Hair Straightener Brushes to Invest In, According to Amazon Reviews
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It’s 2022, and by modern day standards, the flat-iron straightener is out. The new kid on the block? Hair straightening brushes. As someone who has sworn by her GHD for years, is it really time to make the switch? For example, how do these straightener brushes work? Do they actually do anything? And are they better for your hair? Let’s unpack, shall we?

How do hair straightener brushes actually work?

Hair straightening brushes are essentially 2-in-1 styling tools. They’re great for when you want straight hair that still has volume and life. It works using a heated ceramic plate (like a regular straightener) and brush bristles that you simply use like you would use a regular hairbrush.

Before using the hair straightening brush, you’ll need to dry your hair to about 80 per cent. From there, you simply brush your hair as you normally would, allowing the bristles to detangle the hair and gently straighten each section. They’re also said to be less damaging for your natural hair because there is less heat involved while styling. That said, you should still be using a heat protectant.

Sounds pretty good, huh?! Ahead, we’ve found some of the top-rated and most affordable hair straightening brushes on the internet.

The best hair straightener brushes on Amazon

Philips ProCare Airstyler Hair Dryer, $99

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Dry and style your hair without damaging it with the Philips ProCare Airstyler Hair Dryer. With a 4.5 star rating on Amazon and glowing reviews, people who have purchased this hair dryer agree that it’s both easy to use and great value for money. It comes with a large paddle brush, a Thermo brush, retractable bristle brush, a volumiser and a narrow concentrator so that you can style your hair with ease.

You can buy the Philips ProCare Airstyler Hair Dryer ($99) from Amazon here.

Revlon Hair Straightening Heated Styling Brush was $82.93, $70 (save $12.93)

Okay, we couldn’t go past this straightening brush from Revlon, mainly because it has over 2.1k positive reviews on Amazon, which is wild when you think about how much effort it is to leave one. The general consensus is that it’s fast, easy to use, great value for money and works on most hair types.

You can buy the Revlon Hair Straightening Heated Styling Brush ($70) from Amazon here.

VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush, $46

The Wet and Dry Straightening Brush promises to straighten, volumise and dry your hair in just minutes. Reviewers agree that it’s excellent value for money and easy to use regardless of your hair type. It also uses ionic conditioning technology and advanced ceramic plates to leave your hair feeling smooth and healthy.

You can buy the VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush ($46) from Amazon here.

ZHONGHANG Hot Air Brush, $39.99 (usually $49.59)

Another one with solid reviews is this Hot Air Brush from Zhonghang — and it’s also on sale. Not only is it compatible with all hair types and comes with a unique oval brush head, but it’s also super easy to use.

Many reviewers claim that this one tool has given them the ability to actually master a blowout! How good?!

You can buy the ZHONG HANG Hot Air Brush ($39.99) from Amazon here.

Dallfoll Hair Straightener Brush, $38.99

This DallFoll Hair Straightener Brush is another Amazon top-seller, and it’s easy to see why (spoiler: it’s not just its epic price, but hey, that definitely helps). But, for starters, this brush offers a built-in negative ionic generator to help condition your hair and reduce split ends and knots. For those of you who constantly leave the house in fear you’ve left your appliances on, this baby also has the power to automatically shut-off if not used for 30 minutes, so you never have to worry again. Amazon reviewers agree that it’s easy to use, is great value for money, and has excellent straightening capabilities.

You can buy the DallFoll Hair Straightener Brush ($38.99) from Amazon here.

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