6 Cosy Dog Coats That’ll Keep Your Pooch Warm and Dry Come Winter

6 Cosy Dog Coats That’ll Keep Your Pooch Warm and Dry Come Winter
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Aside from walking past the dog park on the way to work this morning and silently praying a dog would come running up to me (a daily occurrence at this point), I also noticed a bunch of them wearing dog coats. My first thought was, ‘How cute.’ My second was, ‘I need to get my own pup one of them, immediately’ — mainly since winter has reared its ugly head somewhat early.

Over the last few years, dogs’ clothing has become a thing, so much so that well-known human brands like Carharrt, Ralph Lauren and Versace have ventured into canine clothing. While wild dog accessories like tiny backpacks, hats and knitted turtlenecks are on offer, most people will settle for getting their pooch a winter coat. They’re a practical way of keeping dogs of all shapes and sizes warm when the temperature drops and doesn’t get in the way of activities like playing or going to the toot. 

Before you rush out and buy just any jacket, you’ll need to determine what kind of coat your dog needs and how often they’ll need to wear it. For example, leaner breeds like greyhounds only have one coat of fur instead of most dogs who have two, so they need to wear a jacket as soon as the temperature drops below 14 degrees (read: now). While bigger, fluffier breeds may only need an extra layer if you live in a cooler climate where it snows. 

Smaller dogs (under 7kgs), puppies and older dogs also tend to feel the cold more, so it’s best to get them a dog coat for the winter. If you’re not sure whether your dog needs a coat, keep an eye on them as the temperature drops, and if you notice physical signs they’re cold, it could be worth investing in one. 

As for a fit, you’ll want a jacket that doesn’t rub or chafe as your pup moves, and you don’t want it to irritate their skin. We’d also recommend picking one that’s machine washable since your dog is bound to get dirty at some point. 

Ahead, we’ve rounded up a bunch of dog coats to help you find the perfect fit for your furry friend. There’s even one for anxious pups.

The best dog coats to buy online in Australia

Carhartt Chore Coat Dog Vest, From $48.73

dog coats

The Carharrt dog chore coat is made with firm-hand duck canvas and a water-repellent coating, which protects your pup in wet, windy weather. The quilted liner adds warmth, while improved tabs at the neck and chest make it simple to take on and off. The signature corduroy collar also features a new vent for easier collar access. It comes in four different colours — army green, camo, orange and black — and sizes S-XL. 

Buy the Carhartt Chore Coat Dog Vest (from $48.73) via Amazon here.

Thundershirts Dog Calming and Anxiety Jacket was $59.99, now $36 (save $23.99)

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The Thundershirt is a proven method that improves symptoms of anxiety in pets. With its patented design, the dog coat uses gentle hugging to calm your dog, applying constant pressure that helps calm most dogs if they are anxious, fearful or overexcited. Plus, it’s also an added layer of warmth in the cooler months. 

Buy the Thundershirts Dog Calming and Anxiety Jacket ($36) from Amazon here. 

It also comes in a range of sizes for bigger dogs. You can buy the Thundershirt for Large Dogs ($59) from Amazon here.

PAWZ Road Dog Plaid Shirt Hoodie $50.88

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The PAWZ Road Dog Plaid Shirt Hoodie is perfect for chilly winter weather, as it helps to protect your pets from low temperatures on cold winters nights. Lined with thick fleece, its inner is super soft and warm, while the Buffalo plaid shell looks pretty snazzy. This dog coat comes in four different colours — red, green, grey and blue — and sizes small to extra large. 

You can buy the PAWZ Road Dog Plaid Shirt Hoodie ($50.88) from Amazon here.

Albabara Dog Coat $25.22

6 Cosy Dog Coats That’ll Keep Your Pooch Warm and Dry Come Winter

This British style reversible dog coat is equal parts soft and warm with a water-resistant outer layer. It can also be double-sided, with one side plaid and the other plain. It comes in different sizes and has a velcro closure around the neck and belly, making it easy to put on and take off. 

Buy the Albabara Dog Coat ($25.22) from Amazon here.

La Rue St Fashion Dog Corduroy Coat $26.99

6 Cosy Dog Coats That’ll Keep Your Pooch Warm and Dry Come Winter

If you’ve always dreamt of having matching coats with your dog, now is your time! This corduroy dog coat is a cute way to keep your pup warm this winter. The inside of the coat is lined with very soft fleece fabric to ensure your furry friend is warm. It comes in four different colours — mauve, olive, magenta and copper — and sizes small to extra large. 

Buy the La Rue St Fashion Dog Corduroy Coat ($26.99) from Amazon here.

Lightweight Reversible Winter Dog Coat, $89.51

6 Cosy Dog Coats That’ll Keep Your Pooch Warm and Dry Come Winter

If you don’t have a corduroy jacket but love wearing puffers in the winter, this epic puffer coat for dogs is the closest thing to matching with your gorgeous pooch. Not only is it incredibly light and non-bulky, but it’s also made of high-quality polyester, meaning it’s waterproof, windproof and breathable to keep your dog dry and warm, even in wet conditions.

It even comes in three different reversible colourways — red/black, blue/black and green/black — and sizes extra small to medium. 

You can buy the Lightweight Reversible Winter Dog Coat ($89.51) from Amazon here.

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