4 Comfort Food Favourites Made Easy and Healthy with an Air Fryer

4 Comfort Food Favourites Made Easy and Healthy with an Air Fryer
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Food is one of life’s great pleasures. And while we shouldn’t feel guilt-ridden for grabbing a bag of chips after work, there’s no denying that you just feel better when you eat more healthily. 

In saying that, you also don’t have to miss out on your favourite comfort meals just because you’re watching your plate. Here are a few healthy alternatives to some staple comfort dishes.

Fish and Chips 

Is there anyone on planet Earth who doesn’t enjoy some variation of fish and chips? Swap the beer-battered, greasy cut to a grilled piece of fish for a fresh alternative to a usually-artery-clogging meal. 

While most chips are deep-fried, by chucking them in an air fryer like the Easy Fry & Grill Classic by Tefal, you can achieve crispy, golden chips minus the fats. It’s basically like eating plain potato, right? Just add a pinch of salt and you’re winning. 


There are loads of ways you can make pizza a healthy alternative. Swap out the fast-food, carb-heavy, white flour base to a rye wrap or veggie base, then you can still indulge in the cheesy, tomato joy that is pizza. 

With loaded veggies, fresh ingredients and being cooked in the oven or air fryer, your Friday night pizza won’t feel so bad. Can’t wait for your oven? Air fryers like the Tefal Easy Fry & Grill Deluxe are 49% faster than a traditional oven and consume less energy as well. A healthier body and smaller electricity bill? Sign me up.

Mac and Cheese 

Mac and cheese is a creamy bowl of unbridled joy. The only issue? It’s very low in nutrients. And while that’s fine every once in a while, if you’re a regular mac and cheese lover then perhaps consider some additions?

Veggies like broccoli, spinach, chickpeas, and more can elevate that comfort bowl to at least give you some nutrition. By cooking the veggies in an air fryer, rather than sautéing them in oil, you can also preserve some of those vitamins and minerals. Steam some side vegetables in the Easy Fry Grill & Steam XXL Air Fryer as well, for a healthy addition.


Time for dessert. Similar to chips, doughnuts are usually drenched in oil. And while there’s nothing better than tucking into a cinnamon donut (preferably hot), they can make a big dent in any health goals that you may have.

By cooking your doughnuts in an air fryer you’re baking the doughnuts and therefore, consuming less fats. Swap out some of the ingredients for low fat, organic options and your tasty treat is easier on your body as well.

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