14 Home Office Gadgets That Have TikTok Raving

14 Home Office Gadgets That Have TikTok Raving
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As we continue to work from our humble abodes or prepare to go back into the office now that many of the nation’s work-from-home orders have been alleviated (or at least, are set to be soon), one thing remains consistent: it’s never a bad time to go hunting for new office supplies.

Not only can these lil’ gadgets put some novelty into a mundane workday, but often, a lot of them can be super beneficial when it comes to improving your productivity and fostering optimal organisation. Double-win, right?

Of course, I could have just rounded up my personal faves considering I’m a self-proclaimed home office gadget expert (trust me, you should see my desk), but, instead, to find you the creme de la creme of the office supply/gadget world, I looked to none other than our new-age Wikipedia — TikTok — where hundreds of people have shared their favourite finds.

Here’s a few reoccurring best-sellers…

The best of TikTok’s favourite office supplies and gadgets 

Small Glass Desktop Whiteboard, $60.10

14 Home Office Gadgets That Have TikTok Raving

Whether you’re in the office or at home, this handy Small Glass Desktop Whiteboard is a great tool for note-taking while in meetings. You can even just use it to keep random thought-starters or to write out your daily agenda. It also comes with storage for your whiteboard markers to make optimal use of your desk space.

You can buy the Small Glass Desktop Whiteboard ($60.10) from Amazon here.

OXO Good Grips Sweep & Swipe Laptop Cleaner, $22.32

computer cleaner

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got dust and crumbs upon crumbs scattered all over my keyboard. Thanks to this mini computer cleaner, it can all be brushed away in a jiffy.

You can buy the OXO Good Grips Sweep & Swipe Laptop Cleaner ($22.32) from Amazon here.

Keyboard Cleaner Universal Cleaning Gel, $16.89

computer cleaner

This computer cleaning putty offers a similar solution, collecting all the rogue dust and food scraps off of your keyboards. However, the beauty of this one is that it also works for those dusty, hard to reach places on your monitor. You can even take it outside of the office and use it for your car and TV, too.

You can buy the Keyboard Cleaner Universal Cleaning Gel ($16.89) from Amazon here.

Guard Your ID Security Prevention Stamp, $43.52

14 Home Office Gadgets That Have TikTok Raving

If you work in a profession where you receive a lot of confidential mail or private documents and don’t have time to be shredding paper all day. This ID protection stamp will erase any word legibility and conceal any private information. All you have to do is run the stamp over, and voila, you can’t see a thing!

You can buy the Guard Your ID Security Prevention Stamp ($43.52) from Amazon here.

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand, $17.49

Office Supplies

If you find yourself taking a bunch of phone calls throughout the day, it might be handy to invest in this little mobile phone stand that allows you to be hands-free while talking to clients or colleagues. That way, you can type notes and multitask on the go.

You can buy the Adjustable Cell Phone Stand ($17.49) from Amazon here.

Clamp-On Swivel Pencil Drawer and Desk Organiser, $89.08

desk organiser

Personally, I hate having a bunch of loose office supplies cluttering up my workspace, so this clamp-on desk organiser that tucks away your highlighters and pencils when not in use makes a world of difference — especially if you already don’t have much space to work with as it is.

You can buy the Clamp-On Swivel Pencil Drawer and Desk Organiser ($89.08) from Amazon here.

Keyboard Cover Skin with MAC OS Shortcut Hot Keys, $23.42

Office Supplies

Just last year, I learnt how to use my keyboard to type out an em dash, instead of having to paste one in from the internet (tragic, I know). Thankfully, this keyboard skin is the ultimate cheat sheet that gives you access to all the different keyboard combinations. This particular one is for a newer MAC, but you can get them for a bunch of different laptop models here.

You can buy Keyboard Cover Skin with MAC OS Shortcut Hot Keys ($23.42) from Amazon here.

New Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug, $170

14 Home Office Gadgets That Have TikTok Raving

I babysit my coffee all morning through meetings and tasks, then come back to a completely cold beverage by the end of it. If you’re in the same boat, this smart mug is a game-changer when it comes to keeping your coffee warm for hours, I tell you.

You can buy the New Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug ($170) from Amazon here.

MUJI Mini Shredder, $30.31

Office Supplies

A full-sized paper shredder takes up mass space on your desk depending on how bougie it is, but if you’re only using it for small bits and pieces (and not stacks of documents every day), then this compact mini shredder should do the trick. You can store it away in your drawer whenever you aren’t using it.

You can buy the MUJI Mini Shredder ($30.31) from Amazon here.

Artiss Standing Desk Sit Stand Riser, $441.70

Office Supplies

Because sometimes, you just need to get off your toosh after eight hours, and the best way to do that is with an adjustable standing/sitting desk. This particular one goes to three different heights to suit your individual work requirements. The ultimate office supply if you ask me.

You can buy the Artiss Standing Desk Sit Stand Riser ($441.70) from Amazon here.

Reusable Self- Stick Whiteboard Stickers, $24.09

14 Home Office Gadgets That Have TikTok Raving

The amount of times I have used sticky notes, only for them to shrivel up and unstick a moment later is starting to irk me, which is why these reusable, washable post-its are essential if you want something that’s environmentally sustainable and functional. Keep in mind, though, they are magnetic, which means you will need something like a whiteboard or magnetic board to stick ’em up.

You can buy the Reusable Self- Stick Whiteboard Stickers ($24.09) from Amazon here.

Essentials Catch: 3 Wireless Charging Station, $157.72

Office Supplies

A charging port and a spot to neatly pop all of your everyday goodies like lip balms, hand creams and your keys. Win-win.

You can buy the Essentials Catch: 3 Wireless Charging Station ($157.72) from Amazon here. 

Wireless Bluetooth Portable Mini Sticker Label Printer, $49.99

label maker

I don’t really work with many hard copy documents at my job currently, but I know when I was a student and had multiple piles of notes and books at any given time— I wished I had these label makers to organise which desk binder had which notes in it and vice versa. So, if you’re a student, or you work with lots of receipts or bank statements in your industry, a label maker can be a great way of getting your ducks in a row. The best part? You can choose from a bunch of different fonts! The office supply also already comes with a roll of stickers.

You can buy the Wireless Bluetooth Portable Mini Sticker Label Printer ($49.99) from Amazon here.

Reusable Envelope Sealers, $3.01

Office Supplies

I despise licking envelopes before posting off a letter, which is why I audibly gasped when I saw this killer invention that lets you fill the clear tube up with water, which results in the spongey end lubricating your letter ends, so you can stick them down with ease. How’s that for modern technology?!

You can buy the Reusable Envelope Sealers ($3.01) from Amazon here. 

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