5 Bug Zappers to Save You When Citronella Candles Just Don’t Cut It

5 Bug Zappers to Save You When Citronella Candles Just Don’t Cut It
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If you love entertaining outdoors, but mozzies and bugs regularly invade your seated area right on cocktail hour, then it might be time you upgraded from the old citronella candles and coils and invested in a bug zapper.

These electric pest-control devices use bright lights to attract flying insects — like flies, mosquitoes, and fruit flies— away from your main dining areas and then zap them when they come into contact with the light.  While they might sound a little savage, they’re a highly effective, odourless solution to your mosquito/bug problem at the touch of a light switch. That means you no longer have to wear tropical scented bug repellent if you don’t want to.

Bug zappers come in a variety of different designs, including light bulbs, lanterns, and swatters, and can be made for both indoor and outdoor use or both. When looking for a bug zapper for your home, it’s important to consider what kind of usage it’s designed for, the coverage area and the power source needed to operate.

Now, since there are quite a few options on the market, we decided to find some of the best-reviewed bug zappers on the internet to give you a jumping-off point. Here’s what we found.

The Best Bug Zappers You Can Buy in Australia

AVITONG Pro Bug Zapper, $45

5 Bug Zappers to Save You When Citronella Candles Just Don’t Cut It

Keep insects at bay with the Avitong Pro Bug Zapper. This particular zapper packs a real one-two punch in terms of how it operates. It’s a zapper in the traditional sense whereby the 20W high-intensity ultraviolet lamp attracts all flying insects before zapping and killing them. However, this one is also fitted with a non-toxic attractant to help boost its efficiency. Perfect for outdoor use, this particular bug zapper offers about 80 square metres of coverage when plugged directly into a power outlet.

You can buy the AVITONG Pro Bug Zapper ($45) from Amazon here.

QUASH UV Light Bug Trap was $69.99, now $62.99

5 Bug Zappers to Save You When Citronella Candles Just Don’t Cut It

The QUASH UV Light Bug Trap works a little differently from traditional bug zappers. It’s designed to lure the bugs in with the gentle UV lights before trapping them with the no escape fan and sticky glue pad. Performing without harsh chemicals or electrical zaps, it’s perfect for indoor use and covers areas up to 30 square metres.

You can buy the QUASH UV Light Bug Trap (now $62.99) from Amazon here.

ERAVSOW Bug Zapper was $47.90, now $44.90

bug zapper

While this bug zapper is marketed towards campers (it’s a beauty for tents), it can also be used in indoor/outdoor entertaining areas. It’s designed with five Ultraviolet LED lights that make up a full 360 degrees to lure mosquitoes in. It’s non-toxic, harmless to pets and kids, and lasts for up to 16 hours at a time. Most reviewers recommend setting it up outside before dinners and events to give it time to take effect as results are not instant.

You can buy the ERAVSOW Bug Zapper (now $44.90) from Amazon here.

Gecko 10W Insect Zapper, $34.99

5 Bug Zappers to Save You When Citronella Candles Just Don’t Cut It

Enjoy pest-free, bite-free entertaining with the Gecko 10W Insect Zapper. It’s perfect for zapping mozzies, moths and other flying bugs so you can focus on cooking the BBQ, pouring drinks and catching up with friends and family. The power-saving UV lamp draws the little buggers in while the handy tray catches any bugs who have gone too close to the light.

You can buy the Gecko 10W Insect Zapper ($34.99) from BCF here.

Night Cat Electric Mosquito Fly Swatter was $35, now $22.49

bug zapper

We threw this one in purely because it looks like a good time, and it’s on sale right now. The electric bug zapper racket is designed with a 3,000V output voltage, so it’ll instantly zap bugs like mosquitos, fruit flies, wasps, insects, and even a spider once the target touches the electric mesh. According to the brand, 5-6 hours of charge should give you 20-30 days of bug swatting action.

You can buy the Night Cat Electric Mosquito Fly Swatter (now $22.49) from Amazon here.


  • Bug zappers don’t work on mosquitos.

    To quote wirecutter: “All of the mosquito experts we spoke with and every relevant university extension office we could find unanimously condemned bug zappers”

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