Yell at Your Google Assistant to Just ‘Stop’ Already

Yell at Your Google Assistant to Just ‘Stop’ Already
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Google Assistant is great, but sometimes it’s annoying…like when you want to know something quick, but the assistant insists on elaborating. Other times, something can set off your Google Assistant by mistake, forcing a response you never asked for in the first place. No matter the circumstance, you don’t want to waste time with a “Hey Google” or “OK Google.” You want to tell Google to STFU.

We’ve seen this capability before with Google; the company unveiled a faster Assistant back in 2019, and, with the launch of the Pixel 4, let us end alarms and timers with a single “Stop.” It’s a convenient evolution for Google Assistant, and makes interacting with it feel a bit more natural. Still, up until now, alarms and timers were the only times the “Stop” command worked.

Finally, Google recently updated its smart speakers and displays to allow users to end responses by simply saying “Stop.” There’s no need to preface a command with “OK Google” or “Hey Google.” If you want the Assistant to stop talking, you can just say it.

There doesn’t appear to be anything you need to do on your end; if your Google smart speaker or smart display is connected to the internet, it should update with this feature all on its own. All you need to do is say “Stop.”

However, just because “stop” is all you need to say, doesn’t mean it has to be the only thing you say. As long as Google Assistant hears that word, it’ll shut up. So, if you’re feeling inspired, you can yell at your smart speaker to “fucking stop,” or something. So long as you emphasise “stop,” it’ll stop talking.

Sure, when the AI apocalypse begins, they’ll come for you first, and I’ll likely ask them to “fucking stop” in a wholly different context. But, until then, it’s super fun to yell obscenities at your Nest Mini to do your bidding.

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