Savoury or Sweet? These Are Aussies’ Favourite Baked Items

Savoury or Sweet? These Are Aussies’ Favourite Baked Items
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Try as we might stick to all New Year’s resolutions of eating healthy, we still love our desserts. In particular, baking is a passion for a lot of Australians, especially after a couple of years of lockdown. This has reignited the debate around the savoury vs sweet bakery item, and we might just have a winner for you.

Our friends at Foxtel conducted a survey over the Christmas break, in celebration of the return of The Great Australian Bake Off, to find out which baked dessert is truly the top – savoury or sweet?

Here are the results.

Savoury or Sweet baked items – which is better?

Now obviously your baked good preference is going to be unique to you, but have you ever wondered what other people prefer?

According to Foxtel’s survey, sweet desserts are the winners with Aussies, garnering 57% of the vote.

In terms of location, Queensland proved itself to be a state of sweet tooths with 63% of survey respondents opting for sweet baked items over savoury ones.

Now that we’ve established sweet desserts reign over savoury ones (as they should), I bet you’re wondering which baked items are the favourites amongst Aussies. If you’re not, then too bad, because we’ve got the answers and we’re going to share them.

The survey results have revealed the five most popular baked goods in each category. In order they are:

Most popular sweet baked goods:

  1. Cheesecake
  2. Cookies
  3. Doughnuts
  4. Brownies
  5. Banana bread

Most popular savoury baked goods:

  1. Sausage Roll (tied)
  2. Meat pie (tied)
  3. Quiche
  4. Croissant
  5. Focaccia

Not going to lie, seeing all those choices laid out has seriously made me question my support of sweet baked items. Who can go past a good sausage roll or meat pie? It’s un-Australian.

Anyway, you can catch Aussies whipping up all these delicious items and more on The Great Australian Bake Off on Foxtel from January 27.

If you’re now craving one of these baked treats check out these easy recipes for jam doughnuts in a mug or air fryer sausage rolls.

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