How to Shake Off 2021 According to a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Coach

How to Shake Off 2021 According to a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Coach

It’s no secret that 2021 was a rough one for all of us and it’s safe to say that we would like to forget all about it. Well, you can do just that with our meditation and mindfulness tips that will help you shake off everything that 2021 was.

Just because it’s officially 2022, doesn’t mean that the chaos of the year isn’t having a lasting impact.

You might be feeling a mixed bag of emotions as the past year saw disrupted both our routines and our connections with people. But with a new year comes new opportunities for you to grow and change.

We got some handy tips on how you can set new goals and habits for yourself from Sally Kellett, professional meditation and mindfulness coach and certified sound meditation practitioner. Sally is also the founder of Mirosuna, a holistic wellness studio.

According to Sally, using mindfulness practices as daily habits are an effective tool in shaking off 2021.

Check out Sally’s four simple tips you can start right now.

1. How to incorporate meditation into your week

According to Sally, being mindful is all about paying attention to your experiences and trying your best to live in the moment.

There’s a lot of common misconceptions about meditation, like having to carve out time to sit there cross-legged with your eyes closed.

Sally believes that active meditations are the best because they allow you to focus on yourself without having to stop everything.

Active meditation is a style that advocated movement followed by silence. This essentially means that you do one activity wholeheartedly whilst tuning out all the external noise and thoughts.

You can do this when showering, walking, gardening or doing any of your hobbies.

2. Take a regular digital detox

Digital detoxes are a great mindfulness strategy that can really help keep you grounded in your reality.

When you don’t have 24/7 access to your phone, you allow yourself to become aware and focus on what is happening in your inner world as opposed to the world around you.

This means also switching off to other people’s problems that can sometimes make you feel emotionally exhausted.

Obviously, in our digital world, it is largely impossible to escape technology for extended periods of the day. But it’s still important to be mindful of how much technology can distract you.

Sally believes an easy place to start is to set some ground rules for yourself or choose an activity you can do where it’s possible to turn off your phone and be totally present.

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Image supplied. Sally Kellett

3. Live in the present

Despite our best wishes, we cannot change the past and so it’s better to focus on the future. You can’t truly shake off 2021 if you are keeping yourself stuck there.

For Sally, it comes down to deciding whether you want to continue living with anger, frustration, pain and regret or find peace and work towards a better version of yourself by learning from the past.

While it can be tempting, it’s important that you make the active choice to stop putting your life on hold and live in the present moment.

4. Shed to grow

According to Sally, in order to grow you first must shed.

To start the shedding process, here are some good questions to ask yourself:

  1. Where am I trying to go or get to?
  2. What am I trying to achieve?
  3. What is bringing negativity into my life?
  4. Is work consuming all my time that I don’t have space to work on myself?
  5. What is holding me back?
  6. Am I letting other people’s problems distract me?
  7. Why do I think the way that I do?
  8. To be happier, what thoughts and beliefs do I need to adopt?
  9. What are things that I would love to do and what are the things that stop me?
  10. Are there friends that I’m putting effort into but it’s not mutually returned?
  11. What am I doing to create space for change in my life?

Sally believes that by creating space for yourself to pause, reflect and set goals with reason and intention, you’ll state to rewire your brain to form happy, healthy emotions.

Hopefully, over time you’ll be able to see some results like increased concentration, reduced stress, more creativity and a mentally fit mindset.

Mirosuna offers both in-person and digital meditation and mindfulness experiences that allow you to feel reconnected and recharged. You can enter the Mirosuna Virtual Studio here.

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