10 Rattan Furniture Pieces to Give Your Home That Coastal Retreat Vibe

10 Rattan Furniture Pieces to Give Your Home That Coastal Retreat Vibe
Image: iStock/FollowTheFlow
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The contemporary look is out and bohemian vibes are now in. There’s no better way to capture a beachy vibe than with rattan furniture, because who doesn’t want to feel like they’re on holiday?

Back in the ’70s, rattan furniture was hot. All of your grandparents had a rattan-made lounger in their backyard, but nowadays the trend has moved inside. No longer seen as retro, rattan furniture oozes a beachy, boho and sometimes rustic vibe.

The reason why rattan used to be seen as outdoor furniture was because of its durability. Similar in appearance to bamboo, rattan is solid where bamboo is not, and it’s much heavier.

Rattan home decor can suit any coloured room, but if you’re gunning for that holiday resort vibe, you’ll want to stick to neutral tones or white.

So, hold onto your macrame wall hangings and buckle up for a tour of these must-have rattan furniture pieces so you can transform your home into a coastal retreat.

Hogan natural rattan round coffee table, now $259 (down from $359)

Rattan coffee table
Image: Luxo Living

As described on their website, Luxo Living’s rattan coffee table “combines functionality and a stylish design.” We can’t say we don’t agree! What good’s a coffee table if it’s only decorative?

This chic rattan table is ideal for storing your summer reads or maybe some board games. Top it with a bouquet of dried out flowers to nail the rustic look.

Shop your new rattan coffee table here for $259.

Tidus natural rattan barcart, now $279 (down from $799)

Rattan bar cart
Image: Luxo Living

Over the last two years, our love affair with pubs and clubs has been an on-and-off relationship.

According to Luxo Living founder, Winston Tu, since “bars and restaurants were off limits for most of 2020 and 2021, many of us brought the bars to our homes, and the bar cart trend took off.” He predicts that bar carts will become one of the biggest home decor trends we’ll see this year.

This bar cart from Luxo Living features a durable and robust frame, which you’ll be able to rely on to comfortably display anything from pot plants to books, or of course, your booze.

Shop it here for $279.

Oasis rattan mirror, now $69.99 (down from $99.99)

Image: Adairs

This sweet, sun-shaped mirror from Adairs serves as a more decorative option than a practical one. But will you be able to take more aesthetic mirror selfies? We think yes.

This one is best propped on your designated make-up table or hung up on your hallway wall, so you can pull a cheesy grin on your way out to the beach.

Get it here for $69.99.

Cowrie shell rattan coasters, now $17.49 (down from $24.99)

Image: Home Republic

Try and tell us these aren’t the beachiest coasters you’ve ever seen?

Nothing screams “surf’s up” more than these intricately woven rattan coasters that are decorated with mini cowrie shells.

Shop them here for $17.49.

Monland hanging rattan lamp, $142.80

Rattan lamp
Image: Monland

This stunning rattan hanging lamp is best placed directly over your dining table to provide a dazzling ambiance for guests.

Pair it with a warm, yellow light globe to really set the mood.

Shop it here for $142.80.

Henry natural rattan arched bookshelf, now $429 (down from $899)

Image: Luxo Living

This bookshelf gives you the best of both worlds in terms of functionality and style. This solidly-built rattan shelving option will solve your lack of storage in a snap.

Need a place to put all your beach reads? This will store plenty. Running out of room for your plants? Then give them a happy little home on one of its durable shelves.

Check it out here for $429.

Diocles rattan petal bedhead, now $279 (down from $816)

Rattan bedhead
Image: Luxo Living

If you want to bring the boho vibe to your bedroom, there’s no better centrepiece than with a rattan bedhead. This rattan frame was hand-crafted with petal-style details to give your dream suite a coastal luxury touch.

Shop the Diocles rattan bedhead here for $279.

Stoneleigh & Roberson rattan bedside table, now $199.99 (down from $255.99)

Rattan side table
Image: Stoneleigh & Roberson

Next up on your bedroom makeover checklist is a rattan bedside table. This intricate side table is perfect if you want to avoid over-cluttering your bedroom and add to that rustic-style we’ve been channeling. Accessorise it with a table lamp and a string of pearls for a natural, plant-core look.

Get one here for $199.99.

Kaari table lamp, now $159 (down from $199)

Image: Beacon Lighting

Now that you’ve got your side table, it’s time to add a pair of rattan table lamps.

This minimalistic lamp sports a cinched silhouette with a textured white shade for a simple, but functional touch.

Shop it here for $159.

Cayman rattan chair, now $349.99 (down from $499.99)

Rattan chair
Image: Home Republic

Lastly, complete the transformation with this cayman rattan papasan chair. Does this not ooze coastal luxury and superior comfort?

All we want is to drag it outside onto a patio and curl up with a good book.

Snuggle into your new rattan chair here for $349.99.

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