You Can Massively Boost Your Nintendo Switch’s Storage for Under $50

You Can Massively Boost Your Nintendo Switch’s Storage for Under $50
Image: iStock/Wachiwit
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Do you find that you’re spending more and more time cleaning out your Nintendo Switch’s game library to make room for your most recent purchases? It’s a frustrating experience because instead of jumping into your brand new game, you need to sit and think about what you need to delete to best manage your data.

The Nintendo Switch’s internal storage capacity is only 32GB, which isn’t that much – especially if you download all of your games. While the newer Switch OLED Model has increased this capacity to 64GB, depending on your gaming appetite, that extra room still might not be enough.

The good news is that upgrading your Switch’s storage is a pretty easy job.

Here’s how to increase your Nintendo Switch’s storage

nintendo switch storage
Image: iStock/Wachiwit

Whether you own a classic Switch or one of the new OLED models, increasing your console’s storage is fairly simple. There is one thing you’ll need before you start: a micro SD card.

If you don’t have one on hand, we recommend either the Samsung EVO Plus or SanDisk Ultra micro SD cards. Both of these micro SD card’s have a capacity of 256GB, which is eight times the size of the standard Switch’s storage and four times the size of the OLED model’s. Both of these cards are also currently on sale for under $50, which is a pretty good bang for your buck. The 128GB capacity Samsung EVO Plus and SanDisk Ultra micro SD are also good picks if you want something under $25.

Once you’ve got a micro SD card on hand, here’s how you can use it to increase your Nintendo Switch’s storage:

  1. Your Switch will need to be fully powered off, so make sure you save whatever game you’re currently playing.
  2. Pull the Switch out of its docking station and flip up the kickstand.
  3. Slide your micro SD into the tiny slot located under the stand.
  4. Turn your Switch back on and open the system settings menu.
  5. Select the Data Management menu and then select “Move Data Between System / Micro SD Card”.
  6. Select the prompt to move data from the Switch’s internal storage over to the memory card, and then start choosing the games you want to move.

And there you have it. With the micro SD installed, you’ll have plenty of storage space to play with. Now you won’t have to worry about making the frustrating decision of choosing which games you want to keep and which ones you need to delete.

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