How to Stream the 2022 CES Conference

How to Stream the 2022 CES Conference

CES 2022 is here, running from Jan. 5 to Jan. 7  — with a few notable names opting out of the in-person shows. If you didn’t snag a ticket but still want to experience it, though, you’re in luck. There are plenty of ways to livestream it this year.

How to watch the CES 2022 livestream

The easiest way to watch is through the official CES YouTube channel, which will stream the biggest conferences. Some shows, though, like Canon and Sony’s press releases, are on-demand only. For these, you’ll have to rewatch them after the event.

You can also catch presentations through other YouTube channels, like IGN’s and CNET’s. Some of the companies themselves may stream their own shows either on YouTube or their websites, so check with them ahead of time.

If you’re an industry insider, you can also sign up for CES’s Virtual Showroom, giving you remote access to the whole show. When you register, you’ll have to provide a photo and proof of your industry affiliation. Have that ready beforehand to streamline the process.

Remember to check out the CES event and conference schedule to make sure you know when to tune in. You can narrow the results down by event type, topic, date, and time to find what you want quicker.

What to expect from this year’s show

No matter when or how you watch CES 2022, the show should contain some exciting news. Already, Nvidia and AMD have announced new entry-level and high-budget graphics cards coming out later this month. Sony offered a first look at PSVR 2, which sports 4K compatibility and redesigned controllers. Other big names with upcoming shows will likely have some noteworthy announcements, too.

One of the biggest trends at this year’s show will likely be electric cars. GM plans on revealing the new electric Silverado, and Mercedes has already shown off the Vision EQXX, a luxury EV concept. CES is always a big moment for carmakers, so other companies will likely have similar announcements.

TVs normally take centre stage at CES, and this year should be no different. Brands like TCL and Samsung will likely announce bigger, higher-def, and more affordable TVs. Rollable and rotating TVs have appeared at past conferences, so you may see some cool form factor innovations, as well.

Given the recent talk about the metaverse, expect to see related technologies and trends at CES 2022. Samsung recently announced plans for NFT support in their TVs, so metaverse reveals are already underway.

Streaming CES 2022 may be as good as going in person

While in the past, streaming CES might’ve seemed like a backup plan, it may be just as good as the in-person show this year. Leading brands like Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon have opted out of in-person shows in light of rising COVID-19 concerns.

As a result, you can stream CES 2022 and get almost as much information as if you attended in person. In that way, there’s never been a better year to watch the show online.


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