How to Make Your Bed Like You’re at a 5-Star Hotel

How to Make Your Bed Like You’re at a 5-Star Hotel

Seeing as it’s still pretty hard to travel these days, who wouldn’t want to recreate the feeling of being in a luxury hotel? Making the bed can seem like a chore, but it’s hard to deny it can really freshen up the look of your bedroom.

If you want to take that task to the next level you need to make your bed the way hotels do it. They’re clean, creaseless and impeccable in every way and it’s actually way easier to pull off than you’d think.

How to make your bed like you’re at a luxury hotel

To help us on our bed-making journey we’ve got some tips from Kate Henderson, the duty manager at the Daffodil Hotel.

1. Flat sheet over fitted sheet

The first step might seem controversial but stay with me. Henderson says we need to do away with our fitted sheets and go flat sheet all the way.

When do you ever see a fitted sheet in a hotel bed? When you opt for a plain sheet you can easily recreate a ‘hospital corner fold’. And it’s as simple as this:

  • Lift the edge of the sheet to form a 45-degree angle with your mattress.

  • Pull and tuck the hanging fabric underneath the mattress

  • You can do this with your duvet too; simply lift and tuck.

As someone who has sworn off top sheets, I find this one tough to swallow, but I’ll take it in the name of 5-star luxury.

2. Use water on your bed to remove wrinkles 

Let’s be real, nobody has time to iron all the wrinkles out of their sheets before making the bed. To get that crisp and clean wrinkle-free look that hotels inspire, Henderson says you just need a bit of fragranced water:

Another tip is to relax any unwanted wrinkles with some fragranced water. Simply spritz your water (plain old tap water) on your almost-made bed (keep the corners sticking out) and spray and shake your sheet or duvet until smooth and wrinkle-free.

3. Envelope your pillows

One of the best parts of a hotel bed is the assortment of perfectly plump pillows. Here’s how they achieve that according to Henderson:

Pillows are crucial when making your bed. Many pillowcases will be too big for the pillows, so be sure to envelope your pillowcases and make them fit nice and neatly. This is very simple:

  • Push the excess material inside the pillowcase from the opening

  • Grab the other side and envelope the remaining case inside to form a neat envelope shape

  • If possible, add two pillows into any one pillowcase for added plump.

4. Added luxuries on top

To finish your 5-star bed you’ll want to put a folded throw or blanket at the bottom of the bed. Henderson even suggests adding a few extra treats for yourself to really emulate that hotel feel:

To finish your bed, be sure to lay a folded throw on the bottom and give a final spritz of fragranced water. For an added hotel touch, treat yourself with a chocolate on the pillow as a cheeky before-bed snack.

It’s not your average making of the bed but these simple steps should definitely help bring a bit of luxury to your home.

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