4 Things You Should Know Before Watching Euphoria Season 2

4 Things You Should Know Before Watching Euphoria Season 2
Image: HBO/Binge
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It’s been a long time but Euphoria is finally returning for its second season in 2022. HBO’s teen drama debuted to universal acclaim thanks to its gritty stylistic look at the struggles of teenagers these days.

The show even won Zendaya her first Emmy award and it looks like we’ll be treated to more stellar performances in Euphoria season 2.

Because it’s been over a year since we last saw our band of teen misfits you might’ve forgotten some of the drama that went down in season 1. We’re here to help out with a recap of some of Euphoria’s most important plot points so you’ll be well and truly prepared to go into season 2.

Euphoria Recap: What do you need to know before watching season 2?

What happened to Rue and Jules?

euphoria season 2
Image: HBO/Binge

The last time we saw our two leads in the season one finale they were committed to running away together. Except, despite the whole thing being her idea, Rue has doubts when they arrive at the train station.

In the end, the idea of running away and leaving her family is too much for Rue and she ditches the train, leaving Jules to tearfully depart on her own.

Following this event Rue is mentally struggling and turns to the only thing she thinks will help her – drugs.

What about Nate?

euphoria nate
Image: HBO

Nate became Euphoria’s big bad last season due to a combination of blackmail, violence and uncontrolled rage.

By the end of season one we’ve seen Nate catfish Jules, call the cops on Fez, get into a brutal fight with his father and end his relationship with Maddy.

The kid is undeniably messed up but we’ve seen the immense pressure his father puts on him and that all came to a head at the end of season one.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the tape that Nate discovered of his father and Jules having sex at the motel was stolen by Maddy before the end of the season, so keep an eye out for where that goes in season 2.

What happened to Cassie, Kat and the others?

euphoria cast
Image: HBO

As for the rest of Euphoria’s characters, they all got into their fair share of drama last season.

After Nate called the cops on Rue’s drug dealer, Fez, he was forced to flush his stash to avoid arrest. Flushing thousands of dollars worth of product down the drain meant Fez was hugely in debt to his dangerous boss, Mouse. So what does Fez do? Steal from a rich doctor, beat him up and bring his boss the cash. Whether Mouse was accepting of this payment is yet to be seen.

Cassie meanwhile confided in her mum about her pregnancy and received nothing but support. She goes through with an abortion and seemingly ends her relationship with McKay.

Kat may be the only character who gets a happy ending in the season one finale as she finally confesses her feelings to Ethan at the winter formal and they decide to give this relationship thing a shot.

Don’t forget Euphoria’s two special episodes

euphoria january streaming
Image: Binge/HBO

It’s been over two years since Euphoria’s season one finale, but to ease the wait the show did give us two bonus episodes over the holidays last year.

The two special episodes focused on Rue and Jules in the wake of their decisions. Rue spends the episode debating her addiction with her sponsor Ali. Jules, meanwhile, attends therapy and confesses a number of things, such as the trauma instilled in her from her drug-addict mother and her ideas of stopping her hormone therapy.

Rue and Jules do interact briefly after Jules returns home from therapy. Jules attempts to apologise to Rue for leaving her but Rue quickly leaves and goes to meet Ali.

That’s pretty much a recap of all the major things you need to know before Euphoria’s second season debuts on January 10.

If you’ve missed any episodes you can catch up on Euphoria now on Binge.

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