Meet the Legends Representing Australia at the Winter Olympics

Meet the Legends Representing Australia at the Winter Olympics
Image credit: Matthew Graham, Bree Walker, Laura Peel, Instagram

With the Opening Ceremony just around the corner, more than ever, people are thinking about the Beijing Winter Olympics for 2022. We’ve got our start date, and a general idea of what sporting events we’ll be tuning into this year, but how much do you know about the team representing Australia at the Winter Olympics?

If you’re keen to learn more, consider this your guide.

Australia at the Winter Olympics

While Winter sports may not be the first thing you think when you look at Australia and its climate, we happen to have quite an impressive lineup of athletes set to compete in the 2022 Winter Olympics.

For this tournament, we have 43 Australian athletes competing in five different sports, across 10 events. Of the group, 19 Aussie athletes will be making their debut at the Winter Olympics in 2022.

The full Beijing team hub is available for you to check out here.

Aussie athletes competing at the Winter Olympics for 2022

If you checked out our write up on the full list of sports at the Winter Olympics, you’ll have seen a selection of the legends representing Australia at the event.

But to take it one step further, we’ve pulled together a full list of the athletes and their sport for you below so you can prepare to cheer them on in the coming weeks.

Australian Winter Olympic Games team and their sports:

  • Greta Small – Alpine Skiing
  • Katie Parker – Alpine Skiing
  • Louis Muhlen-Schulte – Alpine Skiing
  • Bree Walker – Bobsleigh
  • Kiara Reddingius – Bobsleigh
  • Casey Wright – Cross Country Skiing
  • Hugo Hinckfuss – Cross Country Skiing
  • Jessica Yeaton – Cross Country Skiing
  • Lars Young Vik – Cross Country Skiing
  • Phillip Bellingham – Cross Country Skiing
  • Seve de Campo – Cross Country Skiing
  • Dean Hewitt – Curling
  • Tahli Gill – Curling
  • Brendan Kerry – Figure Skating
  • Kailani Craine – Figure Skating
  • Danielle Scott – Freestyle Skiing/Aerials
  • Gabi Ash – Freestyle Skiing/Aerials
  • Laura Peel – Freestyle Skiing/Aerials
  • Britteny Cox – Freestyle Skiing/Moguls
  • Brodie Summers – Freestyle Skiing/Moguls
  • Cooper Woods – Freestyle Skiing/Moguls
  • Jakara Anthony – Freestyle Skiing/Moguls
  • James Matheson – Freestyle Skiing/Moguls
  • Matthew Graham – Freestyle Skiing/Moguls
  • Sophie Ash – Freestyle Skiing/Moguls
  • Taylah O’Neill – Freestyle Skiing/Moguls
  • Sami Kennedy-Sim – Freestyle Skiing/Ski Cross
  • Abi Harrigan – Freestyle Skiing/Slopestyle, Big Air, Halfpipe
  • Alexander Ferlazzo – Luge
  • Brendan Corey – Short Track Speed Skating
  • Jaclyn Narracott – Skeleton
  • Nick Timmings – Skeleton
  • Adam Dickson – Snowboarding
  • Adam Lambert – Snowboarding
  • Belle Brockhoff – Snowboarding
  • Cameron Bolton – Snowboarding
  • Jarryd Hughes – Snowboarding
  • Josie Baff – Snowboarding

Which athletes are medal hopefuls?

While even landing a spot in the Olympic team is an incredible feat in itself, there is also curiosity surrounding which Australian athletes have medals in their sights for the Winter Games.

A recent SMH piece highlighted that there are a few competitors aiming for a medal win in 2022. Those include Laura Peel and Danielle Scott of the Aerial Freestyle Skiing team, 2018 silver medalist Matt Graham of the Moguls Freestyle Skiing team and Bree Walker and Kiara Reddingius who are competing in the monobob and two-person bobsleigh events.

When do the events kick off?

The first Winter Olympic sports event where Australia will compete appears to be the Curling round-robin match between Australia and the United States on February 2, 2022.

You can find the full Olympic event schedule here.

And if you’d like to read on about where you can watch all the Winter Olympic action from Australia this year, you can find details on that here.

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