Make the Summer Smoothie of Your Dreams With These 7 Top-Rated Blenders

Make the Summer Smoothie of Your Dreams With These 7 Top-Rated Blenders
Image: Foxys_forest_manufacture
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A blender is one of the most fantastic additions to any home. Not only can it help you make soups for dinner parties, smoothies for a nutritious breakfasts and mix up protein shakes for workouts, but it’s also pretty good at whipping up a good old cocktail or some pesto sauce, too.

These days blenders have also become wildly sophisticated, meaning they have diversified greatly. This has given rise to a lot of choices between different specialist types.

To give you a hand navigating through what’s out there, we’ve rounded up a collection of banging blenders to help whizz up anything you might need…

Nutribullet 8 Piece-Set, $129

Image: Catch

If you’ve got your heart set on a metabolism-boosting smoothie or Instagram-worthy acai bowl, a Nurtibullet is a great option. It is compact for small kitchens and has the power to blitz up berries in an instant.

Morphy Richards 300ml Hand Blender, $43.50

Image: Catch

When you think blender, you don’t often think about portability, but smaller compact blenders reduce your washing up and help you take your smoothie on the go with you. It is a great hack for anyone who wants to whip up their morning smoothie (or protein shake) at work.

BioChef Living Food Vacuum, $489.98


The budding Masterchef is never going to be satisfied with a simple bullet blender. If you’re investing in a blender for the home, why not get one that feels equally at home blitzing hummus as it does whipping up an ice cream milkshake or a bowl of soup?

Sunbeam Two Way Blender, $169

Image: Sunbeam

Some blenders struggle to shift stubborn chunks, even when you blitz for what feels like an eternity. Reversible blade systems ensure everything gets mixed in and no chunk gets left behind. Game-changer.

Breville Blend Active Personal Blender & Smoothie Maker, $45.87

Image: Amazon

Coming at you with another portable blender, and this time, we have Breville’s highly-rated Blend Active. Fitted with a powerful 300-watt motor to smoothly blend frozen berries and ice with juice and other liquids, this one is a goodie for those mornings you just want to blitz and go (thanks to the jug doubling up as a handy bottle).

The best part? Your clean up will be just as easy because the blender is fully detachable and boasts dishwasher-safe blades.

Kambrook Blitz Power Blender, $69.95

Image: Kogan

The top range cost a bomb, and the bottom doesn’t have the power to get versatile blitzing jobs done, so mid-range blenders are a good compromise. They generally have the ability to work across soup, dips and shakes, without the hefty price tag. Thank us later.

Breville Bluicer, $449

Image: House

If you love smoothies, chances are you love juices, too. Bluicers offer you the best of both worlds, with a juicer that can make a gorgeous green juice and a blender if you want to add harder fruits, nuts and chia seeds to those juices.


  • First rule of appliances – never buy Breville, they are expensive and spontaneously disassemble after a few years, we’ve had it with a breadmaker (electronics just decided to fry itself one day), blender (bearing failed and Breville don’t supply spares for the bearing/blade assembly, which can’t be repaired) and a couple of others, they all failed within 4 years of not very heavy use. We replaced the blender with a Magimix and haven’t looked back. You can get spares for pretty much every part of the unit, so it should last many more years. Not sure why Magimix isn’t in here, maybe they didn’t pay to be?

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