This Butt Plug Is a Great Shout for Both Seasoned and Novice Backdoor Bandits Alike

This Butt Plug Is a Great Shout for Both Seasoned and Novice Backdoor Bandits Alike
We Vibe
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I’ve had my fair share of things knocking on my back door. It’s bound to happen when you’re a bottom residing in Sydney who’s found themselves in a throuple with two devastatingly-handsome gentlemen. And with these credentials, it only seemed fitting I volunteer my services to thoroughly review the We-Vibe Ditto vibrating anal butt plug.

If you’re keen to skip the overly-descriptive recollections of my rectal activities, then the TL;DR is the We-Vibe Ditto is hands-down one of the best vibrating butt plugs on the market, it’s suitable for beginners and pros alike and it’s available to buy on Amazon for $149.00 in both purple and midnight blue.

For everyone else, let’s get stuck into it.

Unboxing the We-Vibe Ditto

Unboxing The We-Vibe Ditto

With an insertable length of 3.5 inches, I began preparing myself for a hot dog down a hallway situation when I unboxed the Ditto. The last thing I felt like doing was writing up a Perfect Butt Plug For Beginners review (assuming it would fit that criteria) because with the notches I’ve got under my belt, I feel like I should’ve graduated onto bigger and better things by now, surely?

The only redeeming factors at that point were the calibre of the product’s packaging and the clearly-recognisable craftsmanship of the Ditto itself.

Simply holding it in your hand is a pleasant enough experience and you can feel the level of quality that’s been packed into it. The silicone seems almost elastic, which was a promising sign of its responsiveness in the activities to come, and gave a strong insight into its overall durability.

Inside the box is also a USB charging cable (that’s universally compatible with We-Vibe’s other toys) and wireless remote control.

The We-Vibe Ditto in use

We-Vibe Ditto Review

My initial concerns evaporated the first time I got acquainted with the Ditto. Accompanied by some great water-based lubricant (I would personally recommend pjur’s Back Door Comfort Anal Glide), insertion is an absolute BREEZE thanks entirely to whatever space-aged silicone We-Vibe’s concocted for this product. It slides in like a hot knife through butter. Maintaining rectal integrity? We love to see it.

The product’s vibrations pack a strong punch that offsets any limitations it might’ve had from its size. Don’t let that intimidate you, though. There are 10 different settings, so if you need something chiller while making your initial foray into ass play, you’re all covered (not to mention, you’ve got the ability to make your own vibration setting in the We-Connect app).

What REALLY sealed the deal for me is that using the We-Vibe Ditto has gotten me the closest I’ve ever been to achieving the elusive prostate orgasm. This is a butt plug designed for wholistic (or rather, hole-istic) anal pleasure regardless of gender identity rather than, say, a prostate massager, specifically designed for that outcome. Getting me as close as it did deserves a great deal of recognition.

Prostate orgasms aside, what I can say with absolute conviction is that the We-Vibe Ditto has produced a markedly stronger penal orgasm every goddamn time I’ve used it. We’re talking “I’ll have what she’s having” orgasmic energy – and everyone else in the room better be wearing goddamn raincoats ‘cos they’re about to get SPRAYED, mama.

Product feature highlights

Wireless remote control

We-Vibe Ditto Wireless Remote Control
Image: We-Vibe.

I was surprised by how useful the remote control is in a solo context, especially during the first few uses of the toy. Like, NBD if you had to manually click the Ditto’s intuitive button to cycle through vibration settings – but having the remote made an easy task even easier. Like, it’s the same deal as having a car with electric locking. Manually unlocking your car only takes a few seconds but there’s something so satisfying about bypassing that simple task with the click of a button.

The We-Vibe Ditto has definitely positioned itself as a toy that could and should be used with partners, so naturally, the remote control benefits carry over to this scenario too. There’s something deeply erotic about handing over the keys to your castle, so the introduction of the remote into sexual encounters certainly elevates the mood.

We-Connect app

We-Connect App
Image: We-Vibe.

If you want to elevate things even further, then the We-Connect app has you covered. Personally, I haven’t used it all too much – if I’ve got something in my ass, it doesn’t feel natural to be messing around with my phone – but I can definitely see the appeal of it, especially in long-distance scenarios.

For those of you in longer-distance situations, or if you’re generally turned on by the blend of technology and sexual participation, then I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t point you in the direction of the We-Vibe Bond Vibrating Cock Ring.

Bond Vibrating Cock Ring

This bad boy impressed me with the quintessential features We-Vibe delivers in its products – long battery life, waterproof, high-quality silicone – but the real kicker was the introduction of the custom fit latch that makes putting it on a hell of a lot easier than comparable products in the market.

If you’re keen on the app-controlled fantasy the Ditto can facilitate then the Bond could be a top-notch additional purchase. You can buy a We-Vibe Bond on Amazon for $149.00.


I’m an absolute sucker for an easy clean toy and the We-Vibe Ditto delivers on that front. That’s also been my biggest dislike of battery-operated vibrating butt plugs because regardless of whether they caution against it or condone it, the thought of running something with batteries inside it has never felt like a good idea.

Not to mention a battery’s propensity to degrade over time and leak. LEAK. It’s a hard no for me.

Would I recommend the We-Vibe Ditto?

Yes. A thousand times, yes.

Owning a We-Vibe Ditto is kinda like dating a soft-skinned, ripped but unfortunately-endowed daddy who has dedicated his life to maximising the amount of pleasure he can generate with what he’s packing. And while the Ditto isn’t going to buy you dinner, or ask you how your day was, it’ll definitely get you off.

If you’re convinced, you can purchase a We-Vibe Ditto from Amazon for $149.00.

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