10 Functional Christmas Gifts Your Mates Will Actually Use Rather Than Regift

10 Functional Christmas Gifts Your Mates Will Actually Use Rather Than Regift
Image: Kateryna Onyshchuk
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I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely one of those people who hates receiving hand soaps upon hand soaps, and worse, a hundred damn candles every Christmas. I know, I know it’s the thought that counts, but if you’re in the same boat and can’t stand having to stow away Christmas gift dud after dud every year (or have friends who do, too), it’s time to make a collective pact: useful gift ideas only from this point forward. That way, you can be sure you (and your gift recipients) are receiving and giving gifts you’ll actually love and appreciate, instead of leaving them for landfill or letting them sit at the bottom of your cupboards for eight years.

Now, I know it’s easy to talk the talk but harder to walk the (functional gift) walk, so ahead, I have put my thinking hat (and major sleuth vest) on and brainstormed a sweet list of gifts your friends will actually use – and better yet, wonder how they ever lived without. Thank me later, pals.

The best useful gift ideas

Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder and Toothpaste Dispenser was $25.99, now $19.99 (save $6)

useful gift ideas

This is hands down the ultimate shower game-changer. If someone gifted me this, I’d honestly be one happy woman. I mean, imagine not forgetting your toothbrush every time you set foot into the shower?!

It’s also great if you rent the place you’re living because all it takes to hang up is two non-marking adhesive strips. There’s also space for four toothbrushes and two toothpaste tubes, so the whole family can have in.

You can buy the Toothbrush Holder and Toothpaste Dispenser ($19.99) from Amazon here.

Diamond Ice Cube Moulds, $18.95

10 Functional Christmas Gifts Your Mates Will Actually Use Rather Than Regift

Bling doesn’t have to finish at your jewellery, which is why this bougie diamond ice tray is simply a must-have (whether you know it yet or not). As far as I’m concerned, these bad boys will be housed in my homemade cocktails all summer long. Oh, did I mention you can also use it as a chocolate mould?

You can buy the Diamond Ice Cube Moulds ($18.95) from Amazon here.

Car Seat Gap Organisers, $32.99

useful gift ideas

Know someone who has a habit of losing things down the side of their car seats? Or even just likes to keep their car organised and tidy? These handy Car Seat Gap Fillers will help them do both! Perfect for chucking some chewy and other miscellaneous items if the centre console isn’t big enough.

You can buy the Car Seat Gap Organisers ($32.99) from Amazon here.

Mini Projector for iPhone, $178.99 ($153.99 with coupon)

10 Functional Christmas Gifts Your Mates Will Actually Use Rather Than Regift

This one is a mini-movie projector that connects directly to your iPhone, so you can play your favourite movies on any blank wall or roof. It’s the perfect pressie for anyone who loves a movie night (read: everyone). Pair it with a cute Netflix voucher, pjs and some microwave popcorn packs for a full-blown film-themed gift.

You can buy the Mini Projector ($153.99) from Amazon here.

Touchless Soap Dispenser, $30.99

useful gift ideas

We love anything that makes life easier, and this soap dispenser is one of them, folks. It’s also nifty if the kids hate hand-washing time before dinner.

You can buy the Touchless Soap Dispenser ($30.99) from Amazon here.

Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner, $19.99

10 Functional Christmas Gifts Your Mates Will Actually Use Rather Than Regift


This little battery-powered vac is small enough to keep in your home office or take to work. What could you possibly need a desk vacuum for, you may ask? Think lunchtime crumbs or the pesky dirt that gets in between your laptop keys. Absolutely elite if you ask me.

You can buy the Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner ($19.99) from Amazon here.

Project E Beauty Skin Rejuvenation Mask, $162.99

useful gift ideas

Stop spending thousands on getting LED light therapy every few months and invest in one of these Rejuvenation Masks instead. This one promotes increased blood flow, collagen production, tightens skin and improves pigmentation and fine lines. Just a note: it’s also 100 per cent UV free, so you don’t have to worry about those nasty rays.

You can buy the Project E Beauty Skin Rejuvenation Mask ($162.99) from Amazon here.

Portable Pocket Printer, $76.49

10 Functional Christmas Gifts Your Mates Will Actually Use Rather Than Regift

Set this lil’ guy up on your smartphone, and voila, you can print black and white photos, notes, forms, memos, web pages, text and more straight from your phone wherever, whenever. You can also buy a couple of separate adhesive paper rolls, so you can print mini stickers and to-do lists to stick into your diary – a type A’s dream.

You can buy the Portable Pocket Printer ($76.49) from Amazon here.

Dish Soap Dispenser Pump, $23.49

useful gift ideas

Easily store your kitchen sponge on this refillable lil’ soap dispenser that releases just the right amount of dish soap every time you give it a press. This is handy if your sink is constantly plagued by sponges and bottles of dripping dish detergent.

You can buy the Dish Soap Dispenser Pump ($23.49) from Amazon here.

Magnetic Spice Jars, $55

useful gift ideas

Sick of never being able to find anything in your spice cupboard? Organise it easily with these magnetic spice jars that can be stored practically anywhere. Whether it be the stovetop hood or the fridge, gone are the days of rummaging through a chaotic drawer. Thank us later.

You can buy the Magnetic Spice Jars ($55) from Etsy here.

And that’s a wrap! I hope you got some useful gift ideas down pat! Still got more shopping to do ahead of the big day? Head here to check out our gift guide for the women in your life.

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