Therabody Are Offering $249 Off In Their Holiday Sale

Therabody Are Offering $249 Off In Their Holiday Sale
Image supplied. Theragun Wave Solo
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As the working year comes to a close, many of you might be left feeling a little worse-for-wear. Working from home might have played a part in your body feeling a bit tight and tense in some places. If that’s the case, Therabody’s sale is here to soothe your aches.

For a limited time only, Therabody is gifting our bodies with up to $249 off their industry-leading devices. Talk about stress relief.

If you’re unfamiliar with Therabody. They are a global leader in tech wellness and percussive massage therapy. We reviewed their Theragun PRO and it’s safe to say we loved it.

Turns out, we aren’t the only ones who loved the Theragun device. According to Therabody, it’s the most trusted percussive massage therapy device among professional athletes, celebrities, trainers and sports teams.

With the new year just around the corner, there is no better time to help your body start off 2022 the right way. Stress, tension and ache free.

The Therabody sale offers discounts across the iconic Theragun range. Including the Theragun Elite which is the quietest in the range and the WaveSeries with the Wave Roller, a smart vibrating foam roller.

That’s not all though. Check out what’s on offer in the Therabody sale below.

Theragun PRO – $659 (RRP $899)

Therabody sale
Image supplied. Theragun Pro

The Theragun PRO is the most notable in Therabody’s range.

It’s a deep muscle treatment that has personalised, guided app experiences that will help reduce muscle soreness, improve mobility and increase relaxation. Sounds like a dream right?

The Theragun PRO has an adjustable, rotating arm fit with continuous battery life. Oh, and you’ll get a 2-year warranty.

You can get the Theragun PRO here.

Theragun Elite – $549 (RRP $649)

Therabody sale
Image Supplied. Theragun Elite in White

The Theragun Elite is most known for being felt but not heard.

If the noise of a massage device puts you off, the Theragun Elite is for you. This device has been designed to be quieter than ever.

Just like the PRO, the Elite comes with a personalised app experience that will reduce the tension that comes from everyday life, work or workouts.

You can get the Theragun Elite here.

Theragun Prime – $419 (RRP $499)

Therabody Are Offering $249 Off In Their Holiday Sale
Image supplied. Theragun Prime Attachments

The Theragun Prime strikes the perfect balance between strength and style.

Similar to the Elite, it has Quietforce Technology™ so it isn’t going to disturb you. It also offers a deep muscle treatment that is simplified for your needs aimed at reducing stress and strain.

You can get the Theragun Prime here.

Theragun Wave Roller – $169 (RRP $249)

Therabody sale
Image supplied. Theragun Wave Roller

According to Therabody, the Wave Roller is constructed to give you the most powerful and efficient foam rolling experience. Whether that be at the gym or in the comforts of your own home.

The smart vibrating foam roller is Blueboth enabled equipped with five intensity settings so you can tailor it to your needs from the Therabody app.

You can get the Theragun Wave Roller here.

Therabody Wave Duo – $135 (RRP $169)

Therabody Are Offering $249 Off In Their Holiday Sale
Image supplied. Theragun Wave Duo

The Wave Duo is designed to be contoured to your back, neck and spine. It comes with five vibration frequencies and an innovative wave texture that works to deliver just the right angles of pressure to the areas in need.

It’s best for releasing soreness, reducing tension and improving movement.

You can get the Theragun Wave Duo here.

Therabody Wave Solo – $99 (RRP $129)

Therabody Are Offering $249 Off In Their Holiday Sale
Image supplied. Theragun Wave Solo

You’ll notice that the Wave Solo is named that because there is only one ball. This makes it ultra-portable and lightweight so it’s perfect to take to work or the gym.

Once again, the Wave Solo delivers pinpointed pressure and vibration to certain areas that need reduced tension and improved movement.

It’s got three vibration frequencies and will work deep into hard-to-reach areas thanks to the ergonomic shape. Plus, the QuietRoll Technology™ effectively mutes sound and reverberations.

You can get the Theragun Wave Solo here.

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