How to Make Renting Out Unused Items Your New Side Hustle

How to Make Renting Out Unused Items Your New Side Hustle
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After months of staring at the four walls of your home you’re probably itching to head off on a getaway, enjoy dinners out (cooked by someone else, what a treat) and buy a new wardrobe for the new you. 

Life is back and it’s all very exciting, but sadly, those things cost money. I don’t know about you but re-entering the real world has made me realise how expensive everything is. 

The good thing, though, is that there are a myriad of ways to make some extra cash – without saying goodbye to your stuff forever à la garage sales. 

Recently launched Australian company Releaseit is helping folks to earn money via their online renting platform. Do you have a camera you don’t use often but also don’t want to permanently part ways with? Maybe there are a set of golf clubs in the garage that you could sell but you know you have a bucks’ golfing trip next year? 

Releaseit allows item owners to list their goods online for people to rent so you can earn some coins while another person actually gets use out of your stuff. 

Folks simply list their items on the platform and accept booking requests from members of the public. Similar to other online marketplaces, the owner of the item and the renter arrange a pick-up and drop-off time, and the agreed money – sent via Releaseit – should be sitting pretty in your bank account within six business days. 

Too easy. 

Diversifying and creating a second income is a great way to give yourself some extra breathing space or save for travel and events in the months to come. Not only are you earning extra cash by renting your unused items but you’re also contributing to the circular economy

This new era of rental marketplaces is helping to slow down our consumerism, rethink our items and waste less. It seems that renting out your stuff is a win-win. 

Get started by creating an account on Releaseit right here.

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