All the Latest on Outlander for You Saucy Sasanachs

All the Latest on Outlander for You Saucy Sasanachs
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It has been a minute or two since we last heard from our time-travelling pals, the Frasers. But we have been treated to a new dose of hot and spicy Scottish drama, with updates on season 6 of Outlander dropping directly into our laps.

Where did the story leave off?

If you’re in need of a refresher, fear not! We have come prepared with a rundown of where season 5 left off. Just be aware that, naturally, this means spoilers are ahead.

Season 5 kicked off with a closer look at Brianna and Roger’s relationship (meh), as well as giving us a flashback to Scotland. There’s also been talk of a very impressive sex montage which I imagine must have given folks major Bridgerton vibes.

Claire and Jamie faced new, traumatic, challenges. And the show’s villain, Stephen Bonnet, was finally dealt with.

What’s coming in season 6 of Outlander?

As Elle writes, the show is based on the book series by Diana Gabaldon. It’s believed season 6 will take inspiration from Gabaldon’s seventh book An Echo in the Bone.

It’s thought the story will kick off with the aftermath of Claire being kidnapped and assaulted before being rescued by Jamie. It’s also believed we’ll get a peek into the lives of Brianna and Roger who are still stuck in the past with their son.

Executive producer Maril Davis recently told Entertainment Weekly:

“Jamie and Claire keep thinking they’re safe at Fraser’s Ridge, but in season 6 we’re asking, ‘What do you do when your home turns against you?’ We’ll see how that happens in their own backyard.”

Is there a trailer for Outlander season 6?

Not just yet. Though we have been treated to a teaser trailer for season 6 of the season, in which we see our Outlander crew prepare to wrestle with changing times and the threat of war (again).

When will we get new eps?

Outlander season 6 began shooting in February 2021 and it was confirmed by the crew that production wrapped in June 2021.

In terms of an official release date, it’s been set for March 6, 2022 in the U.S. As EW reports, the author of the book series behind the show, Diana Gabaldon, shared the date at a launch event for the next Outlander book – Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone.

It has since been confirmed that Aussies will get access to the new season on Monday, March 7, 2022, at 7:00 pm On Demand on FOXTEL. New episodes will drop weekly. You will also be able to find newly released eps at 9:00 pm every Monday on FOX ONE.

How do I watch Outlander in Australia?

Outlander seasons 1 through 5 are now available on Netflix, now.

This article has been updated with additional details since its original publish date. 


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