11 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Wonderfully Chaotic Mate in Your Life

11 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Wonderfully Chaotic Mate in Your Life
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Every friendship group has that one friend who is constantly losing their keys and forgetting what day of the week it is. There’s a chance they also haven’t seen their bedroom floor in weeks. If you’re wondering why this visual representation is oh so accurate, in my social circle, that friend is unapologetically me. Chances are, those of you reading this at home, have a mate who also sprung to mind at the mention of ‘disorganised’, too.

In light of this, tis’ the season to get organised, baby. From daily planners to jewellery trees and wine racks, there’s no shortage of useful gifts that’ll transform their lives for the better. And while we’re on the topic of organisation, be sure to order your presents in advance to ensure they arrive on time!

Our 2021 Christmas gift guide for the wildly disorganised person we all know and love

Annual Planner, $19.99


They’ll never double book themselves again with the help of this handy annual planner. Bonus points for having an abundance of extra writing space for extensive to-do lists, notes and scribbles.

Apple AirTag, $45


Know someone who can’t seem to keep track of their keys or phone no matter how hard they try? This will change their lives for the better.

USB Charging Station, $40.79

The tech-crazy gift recipient will love having the power to charge all their devices at once, especially if their current charging situation is in disorganised chaos. It’s also a great gift for families as well – gone are the days of fighting for the last charging cable.

Lazy Makeup Bag with Drawstring, $5.25


It doesn’t matter if they’re travelling or just need somewhere to store their makeup – this bag allows them to throw everything they own inside before scrunching it up to maximise space. Then, they can lay everything out to save the hassle of digging around. Genius if you ask me!

Earring Holder Stand, $29.99 

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours detangling random earrings from one another, all while losing their backs, too. The solution? An earring holder! It looks great as bedroom decor as well, so it’s a double win.

360-Degree Makeup Organiser, $35.99

If their makeup drawer is overflowing and they’re no longer able to see the bottom, this might just save them from searching for that one makeup brush for weeks. From foundation to eyeshadow brushes, there’s a tidy home for them all here.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever by Mari Kondo, $22.01 


This might be a little less subtle, but it’s a super interesting read on the magic of tidying. If this doesn’t get them inspired to shake up their lives, nothing will. After all, life’s about what ‘sparks joy’.

Couch/Bedside Caddy, $28

I literally sleep in a bed with my charger cords, a couple of pens and a laptop (all while praying I don’t kick them off in my sleep). That’s why this baby is a game-changer. The one-stop-shop for keeping everything together and organised, if you will.

Wall Mounted Wood Wine Bottle and Wine Glass Holder, $39.99


A cheeky device to not only hold their glasses but their wine as well? It’s a disorganised drinker’s dream.

Bamboo Desk Organiser, $39.99

If they work at home but struggle to find any free space on their desk, this is just the ticket. Here, they can store books, gadgets and even a succulent or two.

Under Desk Storage Tray, $12.99

If the shelf space isn’t enough for them, this handy self-adhesive under-desk drawer will keep those pesky lil’ pens and note pads in perfect order.

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  • I’m a pretty disorganised guy, and the only one of these that I’d really use as a gift is the cable organiser. It’d be easy to make one yourself, but something like that pre-made would be a nice, neat godsend.

    • Hi Anthony – I’m the developer for Niggle It. We have several advantages over Excel – we send you regular reminders before the warranty runs out, you can attach images of your receipts, warranty cards and photos of the items, and obviously we have a nifty iPhone app so you can Niggle your purchases on the spot!

      We’ve spoken to lots of people who store things in Excel and they all say the same thing – it let them down when it comes to the crunch. They forget to back up the file, it gets lost, it won’t help you when you’re on holidays, when you’re on the road or when you forget to look at it – we’re all about actively keeping you updated.

      Our Lite account is free – give it a shot and let us know what you think!

      – Craig

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